jeff cutts is a wolf who wears multiple fur (naked is the best tho)

the chest >>>>
yes foxhole.
take that meat all in.
so let’s font about jeff cutts.
i’ve been wanting to font about him for a while now.
of course,
i didn’t know who he was.
i was seeing him pop up on my feed.
of course,
the foxhole guided in the right direction.
what would i do without you all?
well jeff is in my foxhole now and well…
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The Weight On My Shoulders (No Seriously)

tumblr_mquigzeiqg1s7fnd3o1_400so while i had some free time earlier,
i called the gym around my area.
actually the one i signed up for that i never went to.
don’t even…
i know.
i wanted to find out how much a trainer would cost.
i am pretty serious about this.
the receptionist who answered was pretty nice.
she wanted me to come in immediately.
maybe she gets a commission once i sign up?
i got a price quote and well…
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MEAT: (555)

bodyroc2so NOW everyone wants to jump on cashus cream since he is becoming mainstream.
i done told ya’ll about him since like couple years ago.
gee willikers.
alas he is straight and goes by “bodyrocshaun” now.
he has also become a full fledged fitness expert.
i think he realized that rap career was dead and done.
this will be so much better since he takes fitness so seriously.
good luck!

follow his social: instagram

Does Best Buy Have A “Best Laid” Protection Plan?

remember this entry:

Who Woulda Thunk Home Depot Had All Kind of Woods, Drills, and Pipes?

i quickly mentioned how:

best-buy… has some fine ass wolves,
and foxes usually working there?
well one of my f-bi who commented in that entry wanted to prove my point…

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this episode of love and hiphop was a doozy.
a lot of shit was going on.
it was fight night.
one that stood out was mendec…whatever,
and the personal trainer he had to “work out” in the gym…

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