this episode of love and hiphop was a doozy.
a lot of shit was going on.
it was fight night.
one that stood out was mendec…whatever,
and the personal trainer he had to “work out” in the gym…

link 2: click to watch

the cast is overall dull as hell.
i find myself fast forwarding through the nobodies scenes.
that fight with yandy’s man and that trainer was interesting to me.
that was her cousin,
so i’m a little confused at to why he was mad??
didn’t i mention in earlier threads about these trainers puttin’ up pictures of vixens during/after work outs?
almost like they do it to get pussy?
not all,
but some are so wreckless on instagram/twitter.
a lot of these vixen’s boyfriend’s don’t like that shit.
my other issue is…
how did this big ass muscle bound wolf even let this little chipmunk try to hem him up?

so i had to ask….


Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “YOUR 58TH THOUGHT: (58)

  1. I still think it’s weird as hell that her cousin is behind her taking pictures of her ass while she’s working out.

    LOL @ the trainer, who is supposed to be big and bad, getting his ass the place he works at..which is a gym…*passes out*

  2. My first thought; it’s a boring show. I don’t really look at it. I did catch the fight at the end while I was waiting for Black Ink.

    Yandy’s man is bad. I wanna hit that. I know he got a fat ass.

  3. I only watch for Joe Budden and Yandy. Not interested in the others.

    And I understood using pictures for promo. Especially if she’s not paying him. Everybody has a hustle. BUT ass shots? Nah son.

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