this episode of love and hiphop was a doozy.
a lot of shit was going on.
it was fight night.
one that stood out was mendec…whatever,
and the personal trainer he had to “work out” in the gym…

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Mendeecees Harris Is Not Going To Jail

that’s good news for this one, right?…

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“No. No way. No, no.”

his words in court today:

not mine.

are we sure he doesn’t get down?
there are two sides to every story.
menfeces had his chance to tell his side of the story today….

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You Give Head Better Than Your Mother

that’s what he said:

that is some bold and off the wall shit to say!
who is “he” you ask?
everyone say wassup to mendeecees harris.
you probably know him better from here:

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