You Give Head Better Than Your Mother

that’s what he said:

that is some bold and off the wall shit to say!
who is “he” you ask?
everyone say wassup to mendeecees harris.
you probably know him better from here:

yandy’s man on love and hiphop ny.

see this week’s episode

he is in a whole pool of shit.
he is in court today for his trail for sexual assualt of a minor.
the cliffviewpilot has the following testimony from the victim:

The alleged victim in the teen-sex trial of Mendeecees Harris testified today that he told her she was “better than [her] mother” after coercing her into oral sex by revealing his knowledge of a dark secret from her past.

Speaking in a barely audible whisper, her voice sometimes breaking, the now-19-year-old woman told jurors in Hackensack that the former “Love & Hip Hop” star went from being a “father figure” she could trust to someone who forced her into sex for money after she moved into his Lodi home in the summer of 2009. READ MORE….

i always thought he got down in all honesty.
the cray part about him is he looked so un-assuming.

i should know better,
but he played his role good.
it’s sad he just had a son with yandy too.
you really gotta watch who you bring in your life.
background checks.
google searches.
drug tests.
credit checks.
it’s real in these streets and jackals and hyenas need homes.
don’t get caught up.
lowkey: he is vado’s manager
i guess that’s done?

9 thoughts on “You Give Head Better Than Your Mother

  1. Something doesn’t read right.

    One, why was she living with him? How exactly did he force her to have sex if she willingly did so to “get back at her mother”? Granted, she was a minor and by law she couldn’t consent, but how many teenagers we know (particularly in the gay community) dealing with men 10 years their senior?
    I’m also confused as to how telling her he knew about her being raped “forced” her into having sex?

    The timing of all of this is really interesting to me and the story doesn’t sound quite right.

    What this sounds like to me is a fast girl who liked the idea of being with an older man and did things with him that she now regrets (or now that she realizes he has access to a bit of change. Yandy is FAR from broke.)

    I don’t know what exactly happened in this case. I wasn’t there to see it. But I do know that not everyone who plays the victim IS a victim.

  2. That’s one thing I hate is a child a molester. Women are giving it up for free everyday on the nearest street corner. I know what it is, those monsters have a thing for children.

    I thought he got down too Jamari. He looks like something straight out of BIR productions lol.

  3. Yea I couldn’t read the whole thing just got too disgusted. I only watched the first epasode and chocked it up to coonery. They love to call is gays nasty and evil soooo what are these mothafuckas??

  4. I really have not been watching this show, but I heard rumblings that this dude was going to be in trouble for child molestation and drugs a couple of weeks ago. From what I heard, Mona Scott Young already knew the allegations and still proceeded, she aint SHIT but exploiting dumb ignorant Black folks for a check. If this is true this is lower than low and he has fucked this young woman up and its going to take a lot of therapy to get her back together again. I can see past a lot of things, but when you mess with a child or a old person you are less than DOG SHIT in my book.

  5. I knew something in the milk wasn’t clean.

    That argument they, Yandy and Miscreant, had on the roof, that was a watered down version of common occurrence; violence was all in his voice. That episode sealed the deal for me. This and any thing else that comes up is further confirmation.

    Homeboy is a short, perverted, sociopath it’s all in his eyes. Look in the pic above, now ask yourself does his face show surprise or is something in the milk AIN’T CLEAN!?

  6. I am so disgusted.

    If it’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a child molester. I think they should be stoned to death honestly. Then he was mad manipulative and devious with it.

    I’m sorry but I can’t help but blame the mother too. Maybe its the type of parents I have. They were all up in my business growing up. They both worked full time jobs but you still weren’t getting shit past them.

    When people engage in sexual activities the dynamic of the relationship and interaction changes and if it goes on for an extended period of time it becomes even more obvious. How could she not notice?

    My mom STILL randomly asks me if anyone touched me as a child. Lol

    1. ^yeah.
      my parents were like that too.
      i often felt insulted,
      but i see the point now.

      i wonder if yandy was in court today?
      hell, i wonder if she knew?
      he is also in jail for drug trafficking so he is seeing jail regardless.
      mona scott young rides hard for them.
      i wonder if things gon’ change?


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