The Many Faces of Lil’ Kim

lil kim was such a pretty vixen:

remember how sexy she was?
when you have too much “yes” people,
too much money,
and too much issues,
well this is what happens…

what the hell happened?
did someone get in her head?
did she not feel good enough?
why did she ruin such a beautiful face?
look at her facial timeline.

she should have stopped “tweaking” in 05.
i hear plastic surgery is very addictive.

lowkey: can she even rap still?
will people even take her seriously now?
as long as she doesn’t end up like this:

that’s joyce wildenstein.
google her.
her ex husband liked cats.
she wanted to keep him.
she started getting plastic surgery to look more cat like to keep him.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Lil’ Kim”

  1. If you took the face of a ceramic Lucky Cat, pasted it on a Nicki Minaj Real Doll, filled it with the essence of Snooki and then sprayed it all down with the same lead-based paint that La Toya Jackson sprays herself down with, you’d get Lil’ Kim. Absolutely stunning. She looks more like a cat than most cats do. Don’t you just want to throw a ball of yarn at her? (Dlisted)

    I couldnt have said this better than Dlisted, Im a ride or die Lil Kim fan when Im in my car by myself, but this is inexcusable Kim, please just stop. If only someone could have stop her credit card before 2003 this would be a non discussion.

  2. Lil’ Kim was always called ugly and people were always telling her something wasn’t right about her or that she was missing something. She was also beaten by several boyfriends, including Biggie, that would punch her in the face. That’s where the nose surgeries came in. It’s really sad.

    I remember the joyce wildenstein story. Sad case.

    1. ^I remember her saying last year that she was releasing a book called “The Price of Loyalty.” I hope she comes through with it. That’d be a great read.

    2. Exactly.

      People laugh at her without taking the time to understand what’s going on. She needs to be helped, not laughed at.

      I think the fact she’s never been accepted by any of the man she’s dated plays into how she sees herself. This new surgery came fresh off of her break up with Mr. Papers.

      1. ^she needs therapy not a fresh new plastic surgeon.
        she can’t keep re adjusting her face because of a man.
        fuck around and walk outside in the summer and straight melt on the sidewalk.

      2. ^ Right. I’m sick of people of the “why did she do this to her face?!” and what not. You don’t know and probably never will know what she’s been through or how she’s feeling. I remember she was on some radio show and it saddened me to hear how she was laughing about a time Biggie choked her out in an elevator.

  3. if devin thomas admitted he got a world of plastic surgery to look the way he does,
    would any of you judge him different?
    would it push any of you to go out there and get some work done?

    1. If I am happy with the way I look why would I get work done? Shit, more than likely a person would look worse after the surgery anyway. I do not plan on changing anything on my body by getting surgery. I’m going to work out and build muscle, that’s is the only change my body will undergo.

    2. I wouldn’t judge him. Plastic surgery is such a hot commodity now that I have no type of feeling toward people getting shit done anymore. It definitely would not push me to go out there and get it done. I’m happy with every inch of my body. I’m not knocking anyone that does it. Do what makes you happy or correct something you feel needs to be corrected.

  4. I do not know if any of you realize this or not, but you features match your skin complexion. She was meant to be a darkskin woman. That’s why when people bleach their skin they look weird. Their facial features do not match their complexion. New York is another one, she was looking right on Flavor of Love season 1, at least I thought so. Her make up was just horrible. If I was lightskin I would be ugly as fuck lol.

      1. NEWSFLASH: Men do NOT like women with fake asses, and women who bleach their skin lol. I was talking about that with friends last night. Men do not like women who aren’t natural. I want a natural, whether male or female/

      2. A man getting work done to his face is just stupid. I have never seen a black gay man with facial plastic surgery, I know they exist. The gay men who do it more than likely want to be females anyway. I do not understand why a gay man would get work done to his face anyway, for what purpose? It’s confusing.

  5. Michael Jackson and Joyce had to start some were to get where they are…..eventually I assume those surgerys start falling apart that you have to get it redone until you finally look tow-up from the flo -up

  6. I agree 2005 was her peak. She should’ve stopped. That’s like Michael looked his best in his Thriller era. The first nose job was perfect, the 4th and 5th were a bit much

      1. She looks like a lost Jackson. Y’all know she do. Scroll up and look again lol. Now don’t she look like Letoya? Just a thicker, knock off verson. LMAO…

      2. @theman you are dead on. LeToya was on the Wendy Williams Shw a couple years back and said her sis Janet said that Kim was beginning to morph her face like hers. Sad part she was actually a pretty girl. And the first couple of surgeries really enhanced that. But she started fucking up after 06

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