Clive Davis Wants Ya’ll To Know He Is A Hot ‘N’ Happn’ Bi-Sexual

i’m sick as hell,
but i had to bust open my laptop for this one.
you know i gotta keep the foxhole updated.
no days off.

well clive.
it’s that time, huh?
clive is revealing all in his new biography,
story of my life.
clive is letting you know he has had the sweet taste of paynus in his mouth…
…and halfway liked it.

Clive Davis’ new memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life, is full of inside stories from throughout his famed career. But the biggest revelation is a personal one: For the first time, the 80-year-old record executive discusses his “bisexual life.”

Davis, who has been married and divorced twice, has never before publically addressed his sexuality. In a candid five-page section toward the end of the book, due in stores today, he writes that he first had a sexual encounter with a man during “the era of Studio 54.” “On this night, after imbibing enough alcohol, I was open to responding to his sexual overtures,” writes Davis, who says he had only been with women before. Being with a man, he writes, provided “welcome relief.”

After a period of “soul searching and self-analysis,” Davis separated from his second wife in 1985, and says that he went on to have simultaneous relationships with two women and a man. In 1990, he entered into a “monogamous relationship” with a male doctor, who is not named in the book. Although that relationship ended in 2004, Davis says he has been in a subsequent relationship with another man ever since. Davis writes that his coming out deeply affected his ties with one of his sons, Mitchell: After what Davis calls “one very trying year,” father and son worked out their differences, Davis says.


everyone in the industry knows about clive.
this isn’t really a big revelation.
i thought he was flat out gay.
he was allegedly messing with some young wolf last i heard.
i’m more interested in how he hides the gay rumors for his artists.

lowkey: why do i feel he is kinda shady how he handled whitney’s death?
i still won’t forget how she was dead in that hotel and he still let that party go on.
he lost a lot of respect with me for that.
at least clive knows good meat when he sees it:

hands off clive.
hands off.

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14 thoughts on “Clive Davis Wants Ya’ll To Know He Is A Hot ‘N’ Happn’ Bi-Sexual”

    1. Oh word? What kind of money we talking about? LMAO…Shit I might, dare I say beat for a certain amount. Nawl I wouldn’t, I don’t have sex for money.

  1. in his defense, that isn’t HIS party anymore. The Recording Academy took it over a few years ago.

  2. I just thought of something. Clive was getting in at an old age. He’s 80, and we know for a fact that he was getting it in back in 04 when he was 72 years old. Get em Clive LMAO…. I wonder if he was a Fox, Hybrid or Wolf. Just imagine him at that age cleaning out his insides you guys lol. Imagine it.

  3. Hell I thought everyone knew this old queen in and out of the industry. Its rumored that Mr. Sean Puffy Combs used to be one of his call boys and Mr. Davis is the one who put him own. Also was instrumental in making LA Reid an executive, and supposedly him and Ray J are a little too close. This entertainment industry has some strange bedfellows. Well Kelly Clarkson is not too happy about this book and she has took the airwaves to set the record straight about a couple of things. I lost respect for him on how he handled the whole Whitney Houston situation, just beyond tacky and disrespectful from the party to only talking about her records at her funeral. You can clearly see he is about money. One artist he toes the line with and who will get in his shit is the one and only Queen of Soul Ms. Aretha Franklin, heard he dont try it with her, but I dont think nobody does. I wouldnt be surprised if he has not had all the young black rapper ass in the industry.

  4. I almost dropped my phone when I read this on Twitter this morning! Who would’ve guessed?! I guess you never know…

  5. Chile he and QJ are the biggest queens. They have so much power in the industry.

    Clive rules his girls with an iron fist too! Kinda ironic how Janis Joplin and Whitney Houston had the same fate.

    I am afraid for Jennifer Hudson…

    Get well Jamari!

  6. I had no idea he was gay! Lol
    You know what they say about him and Quincy Jones tho, illuminati kings

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