Clive Davis Wants Ya’ll To Know He Is A Hot ‘N’ Happn’ Bi-Sexual

i’m sick as hell,
but i had to bust open my laptop for this one.
you know i gotta keep the foxhole updated.
no days off.

well clive.
it’s that time, huh?
clive is revealing all in his new biography,
story of my life.
clive is letting you know he has had the sweet taste of paynus in his mouth…
…and halfway liked it.

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Whitney Houston Was Murdered

Hollywood is a scary place.
It is also a very dirty place.
You seriously are going into another dimension once you cross those ropes.
Trust me when I say you would look at some of these people differently once you get backstage.
I feel for people who try and chase for stardom.
You have to have METAL skin to go through Hollywood and not be affected.

That being said,
what do you think of this?

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