Oh Jesus! (Oh Its Just Omarion Ryan)

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 12.18.57 PMif jesus walked on earth,
i think he would look like ( x omarion ryan ) and have a gym membership.
it would give us a good reason to get down on your knees right?
i’ll pour the gasoline on my draws now.

lowkey: the things i would do to a wolf with this body.
i think he would break up with me for being too sexual.

*photo credited to omarion ryan


this episode of love and hiphop was a doozy.
a lot of shit was going on.
it was fight night.
one that stood out was mendec…whatever,
and the personal trainer he had to “work out” in the gym…

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He Had Me On All Fours and Made Me Squeeze My Cheeks Tight

working out is an important part of life.
it helps build muscle,
lose weight,
and overall keep you healthy.
gyms today are the new starbucks.
you can pretty much find one on every corner of a major city.
jamari fox joined the new gym that opened literally on the corner of his block.
hell yeah.


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