He Had Me On All Fours and Made Me Squeeze My Cheeks Tight

working out is an important part of life.
it helps build muscle,
lose weight,
and overall keep you healthy.
gyms today are the new starbucks.
you can pretty much find one on every corner of a major city.
jamari fox joined the new gym that opened literally on the corner of his block.
hell yeah.


i woke up early today,
ate a light breakfast,
and went to get my new gym membership.
i was a little nervous because i am completely new to working out.
funny enough,
people always envy my body for some reason.
i always wanted more,
but gym prices use to be so expensive.

inside the gym was beautiful.
the people were warm and friendly.
i knew i would like it.
after filling out my paper work and getting my card,
the vixen behind the counter asked me if i want to get a free consultation with a personal trainer.

“why not?”

the trainer was fine.
he was spanish,
a nice ass body,
plump lips,
and a deep voice.
he brought me to the locker room where i proceeded to strip in front of him.
he asked me what i was looking for?
i wanted to say, “him“.
too bold.

“nice chest,
bigger arms,
and a fatter rounder ass.”

he told me that i do not needΒ  cardio,
my body was small but nicely proportioned,
and with focus and effort i can be “super fox” in no time.
he threw out a ton of work out mumbo jumbo that had my mind confused.


as he showed me around,
all the wolves in there kept staring at me.
there was a wide buffet of wolves/hybrids/and foxes to choose from it seemed.
is the gym the new hookup spot too?
i think i will enjoy this experience,
although i felt a little intimidated at the attention.
i did see the wolves and body types i did like.
trainer wolf and i ended up doing a few things on the machines that will be my BFFs for the next few months.


working out is hard!

as i’m typing this,
i’m sore and tired.
places in my body i have never felt before hurt.
i’m a complete novice when it comes to this work out life.
he told me i can hire him for 240 dollars.
i can’t afford that AT ALL.
i guess i’ll look at some work out stuff online before i go in there again.

does anyone have any work out tips for a fox who is new?

what do you eat before and after?
how long will i feel sore?
how many times should i go?
how long?

basic questions…

44 thoughts on “He Had Me On All Fours and Made Me Squeeze My Cheeks Tight

  1. Jamari, the brothers have given you some good advice. I noticed, so far, no one has mentioned something that’s very important: sleep. It’s essential to get sufficient rest everyday. I think you’re not the type to run the streets at all hours, so you’re probably already getting a good night’s sleep. Lack of sufficient rest is one of the easiest ways to injure yourself. Also, work out for you and do not attempt to impress folk by trying to lift as much as others might be. A lot of the guys you will see have been at this for years and almost live at the gym. It’s essential to practice excellent technique with the things you do versus trying to impress with heavier weights; plus, you’ll see better results faster and guard against injury.

    In addition to looking good, another great benefit in working out is that the exercise is an excellent stress reliever and mood booster.

    By the way, I came across a pic of I was thinking of sending you, showing my 6-pack, but it also has my face and even thought it’s not scandalous like that photo of the Atlanta preacher, it’s no telling who all could be checking out this site, so I’ll have to give that some more thought.

    Now, I need to practice what I was preaching and hit the sack, myself.

  2. Of course the trainer was fine if he’s Spanish/light skin.You be a good black and worship them like all black people do.

  3. Lol, Rashad is funny, but this is a tip for anyone trying to slim down while working out out get the body like F. Its sorta expensive and I eat this way because it keeps me in shape but try eating Raw, Organic, Vegan foods. I live in the DMV so there is a place in Bethesda, MD I got to. Its amazingly good food but it cost. Anyway try that and you’ll see how much weight you lose.

  4. OK, enough about workout tips. Can we talk about the nigga in the GIF. Just look at those pecs. They are just waiting to be held on to when you riding that di…..

  5. Anyone know any good youtube videos on how to cook healthy meals?

    I can’t even boil rice and my chicken breast tastes like cardboard. Lol

    1. Rice is a hard thing to cook. How I cook rice is I let the water boil first, then I place the rice. Now most important thing is to keep the lid on the rice while it cooks. Also I tend to put a little oil and some salt into the boiling water before I put in the salt. For chicken breast I coat the chicken with oil so that the seasoning can stick to it and to add a little moisture to it for when it cooks. The seasoning I used is black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and seasoning salt.

      1. personally i only eat brown rice but i went to the new mall of america = walmart and got the microwavable pot. just 1 cup of rice and 1 cup of water makes 2 servings which is enough to eat. you can also eat cans of tuna and chicken breas but dont forget youe veggies Jay

    2. Hey Jay its the dude on Youtube called Michael Kory Fitness, a nerdy white dude who has good tips on cooking good muscle meals for even the novice cook. You can buy boil in bag brown rice that real easy to cook. Also you should check out My Fit Foods if you are in Southwest or West Coast, they have perfect proportion meals to help with any fitness goal, such as weight loss or bodybuilding, the food is good and not that expensive compared to that you have the convenience of not cooking and know need to measure anything.

  6. I’m not photogenic. Lol

    Give me one more solid month of benchpressing, squat machines, and burpees and I’ll be submitting pics to Jamari, while I’m simultaneously pretending to be mad some phantom hacked my phone and leaked my very private pics of me in my fluorescent trunks. Lol

  7. Jamari, since embarking on my fitness journey 2 years ago, the gym has become my second home. Be warned, once you are around gym men, you may become like me, I am no longer attracted to gay men, even gay men with bodies, being around all these masculine gym rats has changed my whole perception of what I want in a man.Its a big game that all these dudes at the gym play. Its a room full of attention whores, but you can never cross the line and pay them any attention unless its the opportune time when no one is around. Lets no forget all the old trolls who only have a membership to stalk the showers, they never work out but spend hours in the shower area, and they make sure you can never have any contact with potential dudes you may be checking on the low because they are going to be eye fucking them to death. Having good looking men around does give me motivation to want to be better and work out a little harder. Having this new body, has literally changed my life mostly for the better, but their have been a few negatives as well in the form of unwanted attention and having to hurt feelings.

    Now about your diet which as every one has said is the most important aspect. You have to basically eat clean meaning lots of lean healthy proteins-chicken breast, turkey breast and grilled fish, along with lots of green veggies, and a limited amount of fruit. Peanut Butter, Greek Yogurt, and Almonds are good muscle building foods. Youtube is your best friend for fitness and nutrition advice. You can get so much training information for free along with fitness guru’s on twitter. You have to research and experiment till you find a plan that works for you. I am in my get lean mode to be ready for spring, so no sugar, and little to no bread or starches. I am determined to get a six pack once and for all.

    1. ^good advice tajan!
      i have completely stopped eating out and i do a lot of cooking now.
      eating junk like mcdonalds and bk for some reason makes me sick.
      my body doesn’t like it anymore.
      last time i had burger king,
      i was throwing up everywhere.
      that was last summer and i haven’t looked in that direction since.

      ill do like how i do every man i find attractive in real life.
      pay them no attention and do me.
      i’m very shy and keep the mentality:

      “i’m here to work out and then go home”.

      keeps me out of trouble.
      there was one cute wolf i was looking at,
      but he didn’t notice me looking.

  8. Light breakfast and fruits. bananas, cherry, yogurt, keep you light and then maybe heavier after the workout and rink a lot of fluid, juice etc. keeps your body electrolytes balanced

  9. I hear a whole lot of talking but I haven’t seen any arms, calves, chest, or cake pics.

    I’m just sayin’. lol

      1. Jay FAMILY is the key word. Foxhole incest maybe? lmao…

        Since you brought it up where is your pic at?

  10. This is funny lol. I just started back working out myself yesterday lol. I’m not too sore cause I do it off and on. You will be sore at first, but the more you do it the less sore you will be. Your muscles have to get used to it.

    You have to watch what you eat. Diet is key in order to build muscle. People don’t understand that. You can work out all you want but if you are not eating right you will see no results. Some people actually eat the same things each day because they know that is what works.

    Like Random said, do upper body one day and do lower body the next, and continue that process. This is good, especially if your body gets sore. It gives those other parts a little bit of time to heal.

    I bet you will have fun at this gym with all those fit and fine men coming in and out. I hear you now talking about some dude that is eyeing you hard and turning you on heavy lol.

    1. ^shiiiiiiit the tall light skin one that was over by the weights when i was leaving.
      i had to do a double take lol

      thanks man.
      i will do some research today on food stuff.

      1. my goal is to have my body look like this:


        we are pretty much the same build,
        i just want all that extra chest and ass he has.
        i have saved his pic to my phone for motivation.

      2. That’s all good Jamari but remember work out for you not for what u see in pictures cause you could end with different results

  11. Jamari coming from a gym rat you took the first step by joining a gym. Now as far as diet different people have different needs and what works for me might not work for you. If you keep at it you’ll feel better by the end of the week. U might wana hop to gnc or the vitamin shop and get some protein and multi vitamin. A lot of people don’t realize the importance of a good multi vitamin. And as far as hook up spots it’s a yes and no at my gym I have dudes looking at me some like my form when I lift some want to take a bite lol. Trainers are a waste if money now since there is the Internet and YouTube

  12. I swear I read this post at the RIGHT time! πŸ™‚
    I also recently signed up for a gym membership. Everywhere I look, it seems like everyone else is doing the same. I’m new to working out as well. This is my first time attending a gym EVER in my life! I meet with a physical trainer today to see where my fitness level is at and what I have to do to reach my goal. When she told me that price I was like “DAMN! Are you that good?! I’ll catch another time!” (but I didn’t say that out loud though. lol). You and I have the same body frame Jamari, but I think I’m smaller than you. (I’m really thin because I have a high metabolism). Both of the trainers told us the same thing. I’m a runner so no cardio for me sucks lol. But I think I’m ready to put in the work! I’m commited to it. Wish me luck! πŸ™‚
    I LOVE your blog and writing! Keep up the great work!
    P.S. Any tips you guys know or find out would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  13. Also, I generally don’t look for men in the gym. Many of them are attractive, but they’re aware that they are. They’re also aware that you’re staring. Use them for eye candy only.

    Can’t tell you how many muscle bound whores hang out at gyms.

  14. I workout five days a week. Sometimes six if I’m bored.

    You definitely don’t need a trainer. Modify your diet with more emphasis on protein and complex carbs. Avoid sugar and pretty much anything white (white bread, white pasta, etc.)

    For specific workouts, Google should be your bestfriend. There are so many options out there and various workouts to do. The basic is the bench and the squat machines. Get used to those.
    Also, break up your workouts. Do lower body one day and upper body the following.

    1. I like to have a trainer for accountability and motivation though. I’m not dumb though. I read a lot about health and fitness so no trainer with a gut is going to piss on my leg and tell me its raining. Lol

    2. I do 3 days weights 1 day cardio and Saturdays is the 300 workout. The 300 workout is a fuckin monsta lol

  15. Oh as for the topic at hand, eating right is most of the battle. You can work out everyday, but if you’re not eating right it will all be for nothing. You can’t eat too much, too little, and you have to eat the right things.

      1. Not sure I’m experienced enough to be your trainer. You’re new to working out, I’m new at…..other things, maybe we can be “workout buddies.”

  16. Man Jamari, I just started with a MMA trainer today and it was the most homoerotic experience of my life!

    My body is sore as fuck but I can’t stop grinning. I’ll hit your inbox with details and pictures. Lmao!

  17. If you want the man of your dreams in this lifestyle, you must first LOOK like him. We can pretend like its whats on the inside that counts but if you dont look a certain way, the cuties wont give you the time of day.

    Working out is different for everyone as we all have different goals. Certain things are universal such as a high protein diet is essential for building muscle. I say look up those on YouTube who are fitness “experts” and follow their work out suggestions as well as meal plans. Some people to consider: Yusef Myers, Twinmuscleworkout, Aj Fitness, Scott Herman fitness, IronMuscleTV.

    1. ^i walked in the locker room and this muscular wolf was in a towel,
      fresh out the shower.
      i was so sore that my body hurt when i vibrated.

      i had to ask myself do these men live in my neighborhood?!?
      i have never seen them before.

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