Omarion Ryan Is What “Exxotical Wolf” Is Made Of

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 7.03.47 PMso remember this exxotical wolf?
the one i thought looked like ( x a heavy jesus )?
well after the foxhole answered my question on who he was,
i tripped and fell in super lust.
his body>>>>
his face>>>>
his exxoticalness>>>
everyone meet omarion ryan

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 7.08.19 PMoh wait…
that’s not his…








so you want to know more about omarion?


local: dubai
sign: leo
job: fitness model
position: straight
lowkey: looking to get some vixen pregnant

i wish i was that vixen,
but alas,
its not a perfect world.
he says you can follow him for fitness motivation tho.
well he motivates me to be a whore.
thanks foxhole for keeping me updated on these sexy wolves.
more to cum.

lowkey: he needs to keep that hairstyle he has now.
it does wonders for his whole situation.
i may need to swagger jack.
i like it.

picture credits: instagram
additional photo credit: memo_photography

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Omarion Ryan Is What “Exxotical Wolf” Is Made Of”

  1. Pardon me, but I’d fuck the shit outta him. He’s big af, but in a bed we are the same size.

    He reminds me of a darker, muscular version of Aladdin. I don’t got a magic carpet, but I damn sure got a magic stick.

  2. He’s hot albeit a little tragic.

    Not surprising he’s a fitness expert. What else would you expect a model to be. I’m sure once the modeling gigs dry up, he’ll become a personal trainer for the stars.

      1. You must not be too familiar with the modeling industry. It’s fickle as fuck. They consider you a grandpa/ma at age 27. There will be a thousand more mixed-race muscular Black/Arab boys ready to replace him. That’s not a bad thing tho, I can’t wait to see Omarion Ryan as a sexy daddy with a little gray in his beard.

    1. Nah…they look NOTHING alike. FOUSEYTUBE is not on this kat’s level!!
      This man is just fuckin’ gorgeous! FOUSEYTUBE is just cute. LOL
      The closest kat to me that can hang on this guy’s level is Keston Karter.
      If only to be sandwiched between those two!! I could die a happy man. LOL

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