Omarion Ryan Looking Like A Sexy Jesus (Before)

take it all in foxhole.
that is omarion ryan: before.
i say “before” because he has since cut his hair and looks regular now.
he also seems to have a cub
i don’t even…
i can’t…
we are here for these pictures omarion took with one of my fav muscle meat photographers,
tibo norman
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Oh Jesus! (Oh Its Just Omarion Ryan)

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 12.18.57 PMif jesus walked on earth,
i think he would look like ( x omarion ryan ) and have a gym membership.
it would give us a good reason to get down on your knees right?
i’ll pour the gasoline on my draws now.

lowkey: the things i would do to a wolf with this body.
i think he would break up with me for being too sexual.

*photo credited to omarion ryan

There Takes A Certain Kind of Straight Wolf To Handle The Foxhole

image…and he is completely straight.
see that?
that is class.
that is how a real man responds to jamari fox.
f-bi from left and right emailed me today to alert me he shouted me out.
at first i was nervous,
but when i peeped it,
i was absolutely flattered.
see when i write about a wolf,
usually everyone takes notice.
i didn’t realize that my site is pretty known in these streets.
men and women tune in to see what (or who) i’m talking about.
honestly speaking,
the wolves i write about are straight (or until proven otherwise).
i simply appreciate the male body and what it looks like sculpted.
there are a select few who appreciate the love,
but the rest think muhfuckas trying to rape them out here.

brandy2_gif1like get all the way over yourself.
thank you omarion for appreciating what i do.
your kind words made me day!
whose next?

Omarion Ryan Is What “Exxotical Wolf” Is Made Of

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 7.03.47 PMso remember this exxotical wolf?
the one i thought looked like ( x a heavy jesus )?
well after the foxhole answered my question on who he was,
i tripped and fell in super lust.
his body>>>>
his face>>>>
his exxoticalness>>>
everyone meet omarion ryan
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