Omarion Ryan Looking Like A Sexy Jesus (Before)

take it all in foxhole.
that is omarion ryan: before.
i say “before” because he has since cut his hair and looks regular now.
he also seems to have a cub
i don’t even…
i can’t…
we are here for these pictures omarion took with one of my fav muscle meat photographers,
tibo norman

excuse me…

this is how i feel in the past.
you know,
since omarion has gone through all some changes.

the short hair makes him look older.
or is that just me?
he still looks like a good ride tho.
his bawdy is built for it.

lowkey: remember when he shouted out the foxhole?
there is always love for omarion here.

pictures taken: tibo norman | omarion ryan

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Omarion Ryan Looking Like A Sexy Jesus (Before)”

    1. He’s the complete opposite of down to earth. He is extremely arrogant and the fake American accent which is a cover up for his Arab accent is such a turn off. Embrace yourself boo!

      1. @Zak…have you spoken with/interacted with him on IG? He’s been very kind and humble with his responses. Why do you say that he is arrogant? Just curious.

  1. He just shouted out the foxhole again in his insta-story (that’s why I’m here haha)

    He been fine. Brown and very fine. also I never knew he had a cub?

  2. I believe he was involved in either an accident or something happened because on his IG at one point there were pics of him in the hospital, and he’d lost a lot of weight and muscle mass. He has since regained it as you can see. LOL
    He seems to be a very nice, humble dude. If you comment on his IG, he usually responds to the comments unlike many of the other attentionistos who are too good to do that.

  3. Short hair it long hair the man is fine either way, his transformation from skinny to buff is an inspirational one for those like me who want a better body.

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