WOLF MEAT: (450)

the following is what i call an “intense sagg”.
it use to be a wolf meat dream.
i haven’t seen intense ssggs in a while tbh.
well here is one from someone’s ispy

now see…
that tail looks good,
but with those pants he is wearing,
it would already enhance is without sagging.
that line right on the crack does wonders.
check the wolf in this clip wearing them:

you peep that tail grab?

x adidas tiro 15 pants

this fox in my barber shop had one on today.
when he got up

i would have eaten those bunz.

12 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (450)

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t stand my pants fitting me just right or hugging my ass I need a lil’ breathing room.

  2. As we know this pants are the truth for buns so are the tiro 15 three quarters pants from addias for summer

  3. The dude in the first video is not straight, his voice and those mannerisms. The second one was funny, but clearly staged lol

  4. I must be the only gay guy who cringes at sagging pants, sorry but I can’t take it lol.

  5. Get outta my head J….. I saw a young wolf in the barber shop today too. He had on fitted gym shorts that hugged his ass so perfectly….. Good gawd. They were cut off just above the knee so I could see his thighs and they were thick and muscular. The t-shirt squeezed his chest and arms…. He had a football body and looked like he was maybe 17 or 18.. Too young, but dammit he was fine

    1. The guys in my barber shop dress in tight fitting clothes all the time. Asses, pecs, biceps, etc. Eye candy like a mofo.
      My barber goes in on them though. Sagging isn’t allowed. He will blow yo ass up.
      He tells the guys, why do you come in here with these too small shirts and pants?! Ain’t no women up in this shop, it’s all dudes. And unless some of ya’ll like to play up in niggas asses, I don’t know why ya’ll come up in here with that mess on. Yo, he goes in. LOL

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