barry bartlett caught creepin’ on his ex, michael privius, with his new boo?

barry bartlett is a sexy muthafucka.
i just know in my hearts that he a freak.
his ig is literal eye candy that will drip down your legs.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but barry use to date michael privius aka monsternova.

they were a sexy muthafuckin couple together.
they broke up but it seems like barry hasn’t moved on.
a f-bi sent me who michael is allegedly dating now.
barry did a post and delete on ig stories recently that a f-bi caught…

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WOLF MEAT: (456)

i haven’t seen anyone fine in public lately.
not someone who made me feel like i’d fuck in the middle of the street.
i’m starting to think most of those types are online now.
a foxholer sent in someone named “gaddamn”.
from the looks of these pics,
“gaddamn” can’t even fit into his work pants…
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The Bunz of New Yawk

new yawk is a melting pot of all kinds of bunz.
i don’t think the wolves of the city care.
they can be as straight as a ruler,
but have no problems showing their fat tails.
you like it.
i like it.
sagging or no sagging.
well i stumbled upon a youtube dedicated to new yawk bunz.
it’s called “bandit” and here are few that i liked…
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WOLF MEAT: (450)

the following is what i call an “intense sagg”.
it use to be a wolf meat dream.
i haven’t seen intense ssggs in a while tbh.
well here is one from someone’s ispy
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#TBT: My First iSPY

 i found my first ispy.
i took it when i had a shitty phone so the quality is “eh”.
i think i took it in ’09.
i can’t remember.
it’s funny how small the forests are.
so i was talking to foxholer,
about this one hispanic wolf we came in contact with.
he was a manager at bbqs on 42nd.
what caught my attention was how fine he was,
but it was his fat tail that was the star of that show.
i think everyone went to see him and their drinks.
i know i did.
well this is the ispy i sneaked when i was feeling adventurous
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iSPY: Rump Roast on Aisle “Yum”?

tumblr_n2tem0fpmw1s0p3wuo1_500so as everyone was getting ready for thanksgiving today,
one of the foxholers was looking at a rump roast in a store.
i’m sure this one was also good enough to eat
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