barry bartlett caught creepin’ on his ex, michael privius, with his new boo?

barry bartlett is a sexy muthafucka.
i just know in my hearts that he a freak.
his ig is literal eye candy that will drip down your legs.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but barry use to date michael privius aka monsternova.

they were a sexy muthafuckin couple together.
they broke up but it seems like barry hasn’t moved on.
a f-bi sent me who michael is allegedly dating now.
barry did a post and delete on ig stories recently that a f-bi caught…

according to the f-bi:

“I screenshotted some IG stories of @barrybartlett_ posts and delete. He posted pics of Jason Lee and Michael Privius aka Monsternova together boo’d up/hugging up on each other and Jason holding Michael from the back and hugging on him at a bar/club and it’s MESSSSSSY😂 he’s wrote “pathetic” and “damn son is this the best you can do” on the pics. I can send you the screenshots it’s juicy!!! Apparently Michael left Barry for Jason Lee and Barry was venting about it.”

please tell me barry wasn’t in that same bar creeping?
if jason and michael are an alleged thing and smashing each other stupid

Why is Barry so mad?

they are both adults.
i know how hard it is to move on from someone you were into,
but barry needs to get back out there and let his bawdy get a good ride.

barry might need to blow someone back out or get his blown out.
the type that make you say “ex who?
i volunteer my foxhole as tribute.
barry could chant the lyrics to this song with sage on a full moon too:

You don’t love him, you don’t love him
You don’t love him if you’re thinking of me
You don’t love him, you’re just fucking
You’re just fucking, it means nothing to me
You don’t love him, you don’t love him
You don’t love him if you’re thinking of me
You don’t love him, you’re just fucking
You’re just fucking, it means nothing to me, yeah

it gives affirmation.
let michael move on in peace.
if it’s meant to be,
he’ll be back.
they always cum back.

michael’s 11inch must have hit that second hole.
he isn’t called “monsternova” for nuttin.
( x see examples here )

i get it barry.
we all been there.

got a drop for foxhole?
that juice that might quench thirst?
( x send your pictures and videos in for review. )


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “barry bartlett caught creepin’ on his ex, michael privius, with his new boo?”

  1. Omg I’m sending to shade room and BIGO now this tea is hotttttt🔥☕️ Not Monsternova and Jason Lee knocking boots😂😂

    1. LMAO the shade room dont give two fawks about Jason Lee to post any of the gazillion escorts that he has propped up on camera to fuck behind the scenes. They didn’t post about his Aruba stunts so why would they post about this? Literally nobody that he’s fucked has ever become known or famous, that should be a sign. He aint nobody special.

      Plus these pics are old also

    1. I’m sorry and struggling to find who is fine in this situation? Cause it’s not barry, michael the mole rat and CERTAINLY NOT jason lee’s ogre ass.

  2. It’s giving OBSESSED… every post I’ve seen of Barry has to do w his ex Michael. He seems like a thirsty attentionisto and Seems like he’s riding off of Michael’s curtails he should get over him. I’m glad Michael left him and didn’t get back with him

    1. If my ex isn’t checking for me to at least make sure I’m happy, I don’t want them.

      That “if you’re still checking, you’re not over them” is just what people say. We’d all love to detach ourselves from our feelings and not care.

      It’s always a funky smelling crystal-wearing “My energy has moved on” that ends up in the bushes outside of their ex’s place, so spare me.

  3. Folks fail to realize you can be in the gym all day and the one who ends up with your boo is an average size guy or a big guy. Fit gay men assume I’d someone doesn’t have that body they’re less than. However many of these IG models wash in public bathrooms, have sex for shelter and are prostitutes. I don’t even like Jason but he big mad. What’s pathetic is posting and deleting pics like a kid because your ex is with Jason Lee lmaooo.

    1. Oh, stop. Don’t act like Jason Lee is still overweight or that he’s a normal, average guy. He’s a messy attention seeker who gets on live and airs out his life chasing jailbait.

      Everybody wants to be bougie, but everybody dates trash and airs their biz on FB.

      It’s the ones who don’t go out to every function, who keep their business close to the vest even they break up and you’ll never know why.

      People say Jay-Z and Beyonce are couple goals. Nah, Kerry Washington and her husband are. He won’t have a sextape leak or pop up getting a gutter girl pregnant.

      Just oozing class and sophistication. A Jason Lee could never.

    2. THIS IS A WORD!!!! Barry’s comments were giving me lowkey fatphobia TBH. The patriarchy has many of these gay, Bi, Queer, and pansexual Black & Brown men BRAINWASHED & in shackles! They’ve been brainwashed into hating fat folks. In reality there are gym BUFFED UP hot attractive Black & Brown men like a Michael Privius, Barry Bartlett’s ex in those pics with Jason lee, that hook up with & date fat/non-skinny guys with the quickness. Many of these men go to the gym to beef those bodies up while sh!tting on fat folks so they can get affection from other muscular men only to lose their dragon ball z muscular built boo to a fat boy. It’s ironic. Truly. I want our communities to let go of that patriarchy and realize building those bodies up does not mean what they think it means.

  4. Why is Barry so mad?

    Jamari, you TRIED IT!

    If my ex got with somebody like Jason Lee, I’d be tight too. You need to upgrade from me. Not downgrade just because you need some cash. I would delete all references to him and say we never dated.

    I will not be brought up everytime Jason Lee is. Nope.

    Almost as bad as being Christopher Milan’s ex. Because he’ll go on social media complaining his top is bottoming. Just messy and immature and attention-seeking.

  5. Btw Jamari are you sure these images aren’t old? Jason’s hair hasn’t looked like that in a minute. He’s kept a curly hightop for the past few months. I think they’re old pics, maybe thats why Barry deleted them.

    Plus I doubt they’re dating. I’ve been around Jason as we have mutual friends. He most likely was just fucking this dude. He fucks half of the lightskinned/black LA models/escorts. Jason said that he wouldn’t date an escort (his words) and also they don’t follow each other. Also whenever he is trying to date a guy, he will follow them on IG. Speaking from experience. You gotta check who he’s following to see who he’s really trying to get.

    I hope Michael just wanted dick also and didn’t expect anything from this because Jason can’t give him a damn thing realistically speaking. He sells pipe dreams to 20-something models/escorts all the time when the truth is he is just trying to pump & dump. If Michael just wanted sex then fine, but if he really expected more from the likes of Jason then he ultimately played himself. I’m not trying to be photographed like this with Jason either.

    Barry cheated on Michael btw, thats why they broke up. I remember you written an entry about them years ago when Barry was begging Michael for forgiveness and to take him back. But they’re both escorts so I’m sure neither was innocent. A lot goes unsaid in that world

  6. Now we ALL KNOW that Jason is paying. She is desperate and thirsty.

    Sidenote: Michael is genuinely attractive, I hate his has went this Onlyfans route. Physically, he has a lot of potential.

    1. Stop capping Michael isn’t attractive, he looks like a mutant naked mole rat. Please, stop thinking everyone who is lightskin is automatically attractive.

      1. You sound like a hater. His whole following is based off of his looks mostly. He’s sexy AF. I call a spade a spade but I can not come for his looks. That boy is beautiful light skin has nothing to do with it. His features are exotic and his body with his small waist is to die for!

  7. First of all, how are you pressed about “Monsternova” with Jason Lee when he clearly was Rhyheim Shabazz roommate who was fucking international booty left and right. He wasn’t pressed about that. All the more reason for me to move on and give zero fucks about whoever he fucking with to this day. My self esteem and confidence will never be hurt especially over a Jason Lee. I would laugh like that’s who you with, good for you and walk the fuck away and let him see my upgrade.

    Secondly, posting a pic of your ex with someone regardless of who that person is, looks like, body type, or status makes you look like a damn fool. Barry got body. Not Megan Body-ody-ody-ody, but he got a body. Michael got a nice body and he also got dick and Barry also got ass.

    Regardless if these are old, its still proof Barry took the pics of Michael with Jason Lee. I don’t think they are a couple because give Jason a couple of drinks and he will suck just about any big dick he can get his hands on. His track record with him posting his life says it all. When you put your business out there, there is nothing “allegedly”. Jason Lee posted the pics of him and Andre Marihold (Jeffree Star ex) in a robe naked and putting his dick in his face. That’s unprofessional to even let that them shots get linked in the first place but since Jason likes messy shit like that, it gave him what he was looking for, views. Ain’t no telling what happened after the interview but clearly somebody dick was on brick. I don’t see Michael as being in the spotlight. He moved in with Rhyheim and moved out shortly after that. He was never the one to be featured all in pics and on camera. All his porn was him from the waist down and occasionally showing his face. When Leon Redd and Elijah took over with Rhyheim, Michael faded away quickly so I can see him getting boo’ed up with Barry. Barry is a IG thirst trap. Given the way Barry acting, Michael broke it off and Barry is in his feelings. You still posting on social media you want him back. That dick must’ve been that damn good where you still trying to get yo man back because only a jealous heartbroken person will still stalk their ex. They can’t move on even when you tell them why you called it off. This is toxic and even if I wasn’t fucking with Jason like that, I can’t put myself to be with somebody displaying toxic behavior. I don’t care how fine, built, how the sex was, if you a toxic person, none of that matters for my mental state. Choosing to be with a toxic person like that would drive me all types of cray cray and I rather be alone or let you think I’m alone and be ghost. It ain’t worth it.

  8. This happened back in like 2019 or 2020. Why is this being posted in 2021? I’m confused lol. These pictures were posted back in like 2020 or 2019 when this happened.

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