the foxhole is wyldin tf outtttttt! (BIG NEWS)

recently on the foxhole,
there have been major loading issues.
sometimes the site won’t load or it would take forever to refresh.
i called my hosting company to find out what was going on.
the gentleman told me:

“So your site is running slow because you get a lot of traffic.”

how much traffic,
you ask?
well per the stats

80,000 foxholers visit the foxhole daily.

this month alone,
the foxhole has gotten:

2 million hits

3 million this past January.
that is absolutely insane!!!!!!!!!!
like wtf guys!?!
first of all,
i’m so grateful for all of the support.
everyone who comments,
shows love on social media,
or lurks,
i’m very appreciative for it all.
even though that is good,
it also causes an issue because i’ve gotten complaints comments aren’t going through.

I definitely need to update the server and I’m currently taking any donations.

 money is crazy and i wouldn’t even be asking,
but a closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

either way,
i’m so grateful for all of the members within the foxhole.
thank you for the support,
and much appreciated to everyone who tunes in.

lowkey: i am still in shock.
who knew this little site would blow tf up?

you can donate to cashapp ( $happyfox ) or my ( x paypal )

9 thoughts on “the foxhole is wyldin tf outtttttt! (BIG NEWS)

  1. I’ve been a peruser of this site since 2013-14. All the other black blogs/forums slowly become inactive over the years. I’ve always enjoyed the topics and discussions on here.

  2. lowkey: i am still in shock.
    who knew this little site would blow tf up

    I already said that you’re going to be mentioned in songs and LGBT tv shows. The TMZ spots were just the tip of the iceberg.

  3. What tha Fox? That is incredible, CONGRATS! I’m.surprised that site info isn’t readily available to you through your admin access. They really should provide that info w/o having to make a call! Anyway, congrats again, all your hard work is getting you the exposure you need.You deserve it J!

      1. I’ve been visiting your site since 2013, so congrats bro. You honestly need to reach out to a publicist or someone and seeing how you can monetize this platform.

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