will these 3 contestants dance into your hearts on “dancing with the stars”?

when i saw the cast of 2021 “dancing with the stars“,
i was like whaaaaaaaat?
they got really interested with 3 of their contestants for their 30th season.

RHOA, Kenya Moore
The First Black Bachelor, Matt James
NBA Baller Wolf for the Brooklyn Nets, Iman Shumpert

i was sure gonna tune in last night.
i had stuff going on that i couldn’t tune in but i caught the highlights on youtube.

Kenya Moore (Fox Trot)


Matt James (Cha Cha)


Iman Shumpert (Jive)


they all did a good job,
but i’m inclined to say i enjoyed iman shumpert the most tbh.
he is a star and he has sex appeal out the…


kenya ended up getting a score of 26 outta 40,
matt james got a 24 outta 40,
and i’m shocked iman got a 21 outta 40.
the lowest score went to an actor from “the karate kid“,
martin kove:


…who got a 13 outta 40.
i can see why.
the highest score went to a youtube star/singer by the name of jojo siwa.


she got 29 outta 40.
i won’t front but she did well.

ima have to try and keep up on this season.
i never watched the show before but i’m interested in how those 3 up top will do.

lowkey: let’s hope the rhoa stans come out for kenya,
the bachelor stans for matt,
and the entire brooklyn and the nba stans for iman.


Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “will these 3 contestants dance into your hearts on “dancing with the stars”?”

  1. Jojo is from ‘Dance Moms’, so she had BETTER do well!

    And yes, Iman (and his wife) REEK of sex appeal. I’d pqy to see them go at it after a few shots/bevs.

    And yall were dragging Matt a while back, but I think he’s handsome. If he wasn’t sooo busy chasing Kelly Ann’s, I’d bag…

    But because I plan to have a baby w her at some point, my loyalty is w Kenya. Yall really wouldn’t be able to take our beautiful chocolate babies…ijs lol

  2. Kenya’s athletic but that doesn’t mean she’s not clumsy or that she has rhythm.

    Iman Shumpert is one of the most beautiful faces to ever grace a television screen in life. That is all.

    1. I must say ” You ain’t never done lied”. I could pen a thesis on his perfection. He is a fantasy on feet. Eye crack.👏👏👏Teyana won all the lotteries. He is a Cancer too, which means the sex and the mind are both mystical.❣️

  3. DWTS knew what they were doing. Its part of their format to pick a athlete with body or popular athlete to get the athletic community to watch. Get a reality community involved but also get a older community involved. They always get young people for the younger audience. There is always somebody with dance experience but not guaranteed to win. They will keep Iman as long as he gets to bring the sex appeal and can dance. He not expected to win unless he really wants to. Teyana and Iman is the “couple goals”. She bagged a NBA Champion who didn’t marry a white woman.

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