iSPY: Rump Roast on Aisle “Yum”?

tumblr_n2tem0fpmw1s0p3wuo1_500so as everyone was getting ready for thanksgiving today,
one of the foxholers was looking at a rump roast in a store.
i’m sure this one was also good enough to eat

so you see that curve?


that’s how you can tell a good rump (roast) from the rest.
the crazy part is that is attached to a snow wolf.
i know.
it shocked me too.

lowkey: the snow wolves are on the tail come up.

*got an ispy tail or a bawdy for foxhole review.
well send away: x CONTACT

5 thoughts on “iSPY: Rump Roast on Aisle “Yum”?

  1. You know, they say the white meat of a turkey is good for you on Thanksgiving day. Just saying! Use my own seasoned sauce on it and everything. *skeet skeet* LOL

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