Everyone Lusts The Wolf Named Jeff Logan (Or Just Me?)

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-4-13-37-pmeveryone meet jeff logan.
everyone has been talking about ^that wolf named jeff.
he has been on damn every “wolves i want to fuck” tumblr.
it wasn’t until a trusty f-bi put me on that i found out his name.
i’m sorry,
but doesn’t jeff looks like pure 110%

jeff looks like the standard bad wolf.
tatts all over his fur and the possibility of no job.
the one you don’t bring home to your parents.
he is the one who breaks your head board on the low…


…and may ruin your credit.
now jeff may be a strict jehovah’s witness,
since there is not much of a trail on him,
but that’s what he gives off.
he is also really handsome with amazing white teeth.
jeff is fine as hell.
i’ll allow him…
until someone ruins the fantasy.

lowkey: don’t even get me started on mr. calliet in that video…

all pictures and videos credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

39 thoughts on “Everyone Lusts The Wolf Named Jeff Logan (Or Just Me?)”

  1. He’s very handsome and has a pretty smile BUT I’m kinda over the tatted bodies…everybody and their mom has like a cluster fuck of tatts all over their body…his body is nice though….

    1. He is handsome. I will give him that. That pic of him in the cream sweater against the brick backdrop is a nice shot.
      These kats are gonna regret all of these tatts later on in life. That ink seeping into the skin/blood…not good!

  2. He’s slimmed down quite a bit. Dude used to be huge and booty was big lol

    He’s done some work on Gotham as an extra too.

    1. Jay, I remember when he was bigger and that booty was nice lol. He had a True Life episode last year where I think he was trying to become a bodybuilder. He also played football in college. I can ignore his tattoos. His smile, style, and great looks makes up for it. I also think he endorses some fitness products right now, this dude grinds. Jeff I need to slide in your dms.

      1. ^he and chadoy were cool and i think they fell out.
        they stopped following each other on social media.
        i guess there was only room for one attentionisto.
        someone admired the other because they have the same matching finger tats.

      2. I didn’t know they stopped following each other. For some reason I feel that Chadoy is an asshole. I could be wrong but didn’t you’ll say Chadoy was homophobic. These dudes get mad when gay dudes comment or like their pictures, but they have to understand that most of their views and followers come from gay men. I also find it funny how these dudes have amazing bodies, but are single and you don’t see any females in their pictures for the last two years they had an IG. They constantly posting memes of being lonely, and posting that wack meme of a fit couple it’s so pathetic. Now Chadoy I wasn’t talking about you if your reading this so don’t get mad.

      3. @Eric they’re single that’s because many of them are EXTREMELY narcissistic. If you’re so obsessed with yourself then what makes one think that you will have time for another person?? These dudes may get in relationships but they never last for that sole reason. People who are so into themselves most like have unrealistic expectations on a partner & are too self-absorbed to think about another person.

      4. Glad someone does because he deleted all the pics that really show how big his booty was in the past lol

        Yes the tattoos are a bit much but his face and complexion kills these other dudes that claim to be models. Most importantly he doesn’t come off as an asshole.

        I’ve seen comments he’s made on Chadoy’s pics that were obviously thirst traps to show off his print and he tells him he doing too much lol

  3. He’s beautiful, but the tatts though… I wouldn’t turn him away though, but I like to see my man’s skin, and how it shapes his body. Tatts kinda cover all that.

  4. When I first saw this dude on social media, I actually thought it was Larry Johnson, Jay-Z old roommate and BFF. Nice looking dude, but the TATS gotta go, just not a fan of TATS personally but to each his own.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one.. I thought I was going to be alone when it came to the whole tatts thing since many people like tattoos. He is really good looking but he went OD on them tatts for sure. The same with Steven Beck. This guy is still attractive regardless

    1. A tattoo here and there is ok….but these dudes today go overboard, covering their entire upper body.
      It’s not good, healthwise. They will find out later on in life. Those chemicals from the ink seep into the skin/bloodstream.

  6. Jamari, he is definitely the pin you down and hurt you in a good way wolf. Then break your heart. I have to agree with everyone else though, those tatts are overboard for such a fine specimen .

  7. Lord knows I’m so grateful that there are so many attractive men in this world. I just wish this one wasn’t covered in so much ink.

  8. Met him at the Mr. Olympia Expo once when he was a lot bigger. He was really nice and I could have stayed and talked to him all day. That smile is captivating.

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