Janet Starts The “My Baby” Tour (His Debut)

well i guess she is now more in control than ever before.
janet reveals her cub,
to the forests.
she posted this picture on her website

you couldn’t tell me the father didn’t spit that cub out.
he is really cute.
look at those cheeks!
on her and him.
i’m glad janet shared a picture with us.
with all that we heard so far about this split,
i wonder if wissam and her were still together…

Would he have allowed this?

well whatever the case may be,
i hope they can both co-parent without any issues.

picture posted: janetjackson.com

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Janet Starts The “My Baby” Tour (His Debut)”

  1. Aww he looks so cute, and so does Janet go ahead Queen Janet, I can’t wait to see her snap back. Every since Janet announced her separation 6 days ago, she gave us two rare appearances, released a statement, and shared a picture of her cute baby. I think Janet is back in CONTROL you’ll. I was not expecting her to ever release a picture of him. Also I wonder if she going to go back to the old Janet or continue with her new religion?

  2. I would have.
    this baby look for like Janet than that other fool calming too be Janet first born.

  3. Love da pic! I’ve been a Ms. Jackson fan ever since I can remember. And regret not going to see her when she came to my city a couple years ago. Hopefully she’s getting back to her regular old self. A Lil more mature and wiser of course lol

  4. There are more pictures of little Eissa with his dad Wissam taken in the park today, this is really interesting to say the least.

  5. There are more pictures of little Eissa with his dad today in the park, this is getting really interesting to say the least.

  6. I think co-parenting is going to be an issue! I Janet goes back to her old ways, I believe ol’ boy is gonna come for the youngin’ hard! His religion and his family, especially if they are traditional, won’t allow it. She will bring “shame” on to the family. I wish them well, but I’ve a feeling that this is gonna get ugly in the future.

    1. Christian I feel the same way. Also Janet longtime friend and creative director Gil just set the record straight about the 500 million bs. She has been married for 4 years not 5, and saying that it’s not Janet character to take 500 million and I agree. I also find it very odd that she announced they were separating not divorcing. Separating usually leads to divorce majority of the time, but this whole situation seems very odd to me.

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