Chris Brown Is All About The Vixens (Vagina)!

i thought chris brown said this new “era” was all about the vixens?
i was expecting some good “90s” type of love songs.
kinda like how bruno mars is doing.
he released his video for “privacy” and…

…what is this?

we get it.
he lovvvveeesssss fucking vixens.
chris brown loves to fuck.

this has been the underlying “theme” for the last couple albums now.

lowkey: how many ways can one sing about fucking pussy?
are they gonna sing about living in her pussy next?

“i hang my picture on her pussy walls to let her know that it’s real…
boo-da boo-da bop bop…”

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Chris Brown Is All About The Vixens (Vagina)!”

  1. Hhmmm…I was DONE at around the 13 sec mark, but I persevered until the shoulder shake at about 01:28 and I couldn’t take it no mo…

  2. Uea I tapped out at 1:42. Feels like a filler song to me😕 I luke tge jacket tho but somehow he looks weird with that shirt tucked in his tight jeans..

  3. He and trey songs have always had that tired theme of “look how much I love pussy” going on but both of them have gotten increasingly ragged and blatant, it seems like there is a change going on inside them and even though they can get a whole fleet of women to fuck we know very well that sometimes the things they don’t want us to see happen behind closed doors, and with this level of over the top posturing it seems like the only ones they are trying to convince are themselves.

  4. Rotate that first photo on top counterclockwise 90 degrees, and what does it look like is happening to him?
    EXCEPT, of course, that he loves pussy. Wonder what the Meme-makers will do with this shot?

  5. I think this generation is nearly devoid of talent and creativity. I do see new spurs of creativity brewing but we’re still inundated with pure trash that dominates the charts. Why don’t we celebrate real talent and X the duds? Our priorities are all f**ked up. This is why I don’t watch tv or listen to the radio. I’m glad I can pick my own music and entertainment. Thank goodness for that.

    1. ^Diggy…I could not agree more! It’s the same tired thing from these R&B artists, talk about the club, poppin’ bottles, and how much ass they get. So over it! I listen to my iPod. I can’t even listen to Hip-Hop stations unless they’re having an old school weekend or something. This new shyt…I can’t get into it. Everyone sounds the SAME. And the stupidest sounding songs are hits! I don’t get it.

      1. Totally agree it’s like all the male r&b singers today want to have trap persona instead of just releasing great music. This is why singers like pop stars like Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars can come and succeed in this genre r&b.

      2. @Mikey..that’s because everyone wants to jump on the latest trend, in this case trap music. It doesn’t work for EVERYONE and these artists don’t understand that. Stick with what you know and are good at. What’s sad is when you have these older artists trying to do the same. I’m like, really?!
        Sit yo old ass down somewhere. LOL

      3. Spotify is life guys. Or Apple music if you have it. Best thing ever. No one needs to be inundated with this garbage any longer.

        As for Chris Brown, he’s gross. Not even that good looking, and he’s talentless. Those who want to cape for his talent need to tell me why someone so “talented” needs to resort to the garbage he puts out i.e. “music” that talentless artists need to put out for hits. Someone with so much “talent” (as people like to say) should never need to sound like everybody else. If you’re talented, be talented, otherwise, you’re not talented.
        Yay. I wasted another opinion on him. Ugh. What a waste of space.

  6. Borrrrrringgggggggg… Like seriously, flip the script Chris. We get it, you’re selling a brand of a “sex symbol” so you gotta be raunchy but damn this shit is like a broken record. His fans toted this up to be the best single ever just judging by the comments, he is so stagnant at this point. Hence why he has to curse out his fans to buy his music. Lackluster x2

    Bruno Mars 24k Magic album >>> Chris Brown and whatever he’s selling.

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