There Takes A Certain Kind of Straight Wolf To Handle The Foxhole

image…and he is completely straight.
see that?
that is class.
that is how a real man responds to jamari fox.
f-bi from left and right emailed me today to alert me he shouted me out.
at first i was nervous,
but when i peeped it,
i was absolutely flattered.
see when i write about a wolf,
usually everyone takes notice.
i didn’t realize that my site is pretty known in these streets.
men and women tune in to see what (or who) i’m talking about.
honestly speaking,
the wolves i write about are straight (or until proven otherwise).
i simply appreciate the male body and what it looks like sculpted.
there are a select few who appreciate the love,
but the rest think muhfuckas trying to rape them out here.

brandy2_gif1like get all the way over yourself.
thank you omarion for appreciating what i do.
your kind words made me day!
whose next?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “There Takes A Certain Kind of Straight Wolf To Handle The Foxhole”

  1. Yes, you’re blog is more known than you think. I gotta watch what I say now. People’s family and friends lurking like Hawks.

    1. What about Jamaicans and other Caribbean men i.e from Haiti, the Bahamas, etc… ?

      Zen, that’s what I meant by foreigners u know lol.. all the above.

  2. I wonder how he found out tho. But u know what now I like him even more. Except I got say this I been noticing how good-looking foreign wolves are more sweeter than the American kind

    1. Jamari links all of his topics to whoever he’s talking about on twitter. They just have to look in their mentions. lol

    2. I’m telling you Lindo..This what I’ve been trying to tell my American friends. Get you an African dude (they usually on the DL) or a Black dude from oversea, England, France or Europe in general. Your life won’t be the same… Just saying

    3. Yes I can attest to this, I work on the international side of my state’s airport and there are sooo many good looking men coming thru everyday that are just so nice and humble. While they are waiting to get process me and my coworkers will start up conversation with them (mildly flirt ;p) and they eat it up even with me .

  3. Congrats on the shoutout, and there is more to come my man.

    I wonder how he found out tho? You know them dudes be having Google alert or whatever.

  4. most foreigners are more comfortable around different people from different walks of life because it’s how they are raised for the most part…SN: i almost fainted at him responding back to you that means he seen my thirst comment lol..go jamari getting famous and things who knows maybe next you’ll have a one on one interview with him!!!

  5. hold on you mean this nigga is for REAL he actually exist? I thought he was produced by an overzealous photoshop enthusiast ..DAMN

  6. Congrats Jamari! That guy is a class act. And hell yeah a lot more folks read your blog than you think. Shoot, I’m old. How am I going to keep up with who is current unless I follow you.

  7. Well that picture is overly photoshopied, but he has the body to back it up…..I’m more of a fan of his background and fashion since than anything. However I hate how social media and blogs make people famous for the physical attributes, then when they speak…..u see just how bland and narcissistic they really are.

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