This Sums Up The Entire #VMA For Me

beyonce_queen^this was it.
i don’t even think i remember the show.
who was there.
what someone wore.
all i remember was beyonce sung her entire album like an itunes preview.
in my lifetime,
i can say i witnessed beyonce shut the vmas down.
maybe why i like beyonce is different from everyone else tho…

i’m not one of “these” who come online to harass other fan bases for b.
there is more than enough room at the table to eat.
i also don’t get mad if someone else doesn’t like her.
sure sometimes she has her “b really?” moments,
and there was a point i wanted her to sit down,
but that doesn’t mean i hated her.
how could i?
i own her entire collection,
as well as her stint with destiny’s child.
hell i own their collections as well.
watching her mtv vmas performance tonight made me feel inspired.

tumblr_naugdmaoO41t1631yo1_r1_250i like b because she makes me want to b great.
 top notch.
the best that ever dun it
her work ethic eats.
that is how i live my life.
even with this little blog of mine,
i put my heart and soul into my presentation.
she does the same and when that happens it’s called “passion”.
shit jay z and her are what real celebs are.
they do their careers and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
thats it.
not to mention she is black,
and in a white dominated world,
makes all her snow bunny pop counterparts bow down.
you can dislike her for whatever reasoning you have..
tumblr_nauelyWVHr1qc3ni5o1_500…but you gotta respect her hustle.

13 thoughts on “This Sums Up The Entire #VMA For Me

  1. I was on the fence. I’m not feeling her new disc at all…but damn, she killed the performance! She gives a hell of a show!

    Nikki Minaj needs to sit her ass down somewhere. Tired performance. Ariana Grande has a pretty good voice for a “live” performance. That other girl who performed has a decent voice as well.

    Usher’s performance and vocals were weak. I do have to ask though…am I the only person in the country who doesn’t like that “Stay With Me” song?! LOL

  2. I couldn’t agree u more Jamari. Bey killed that performance! It’s one of many highlights over a 20 year career of amazing live performing. SN: I know her trotting out Blue Ivy was very gimmicky considering all the rumors of her marital issues but damn I fell in hook, line, and sinker. This woman can do it ALL!

    1. I didn’t watch either. I’m over these types of shows bro. Seen one performance you seen them all lol. Love Beyonce to death tho.

  3. Im not a “FAN” of anything or anyone, i either admire their music or dont. For a while i thought she was over exposed but you have to give it to her…SHE WORKS HARD FOR HER MONEY. #newDonnaSummer

  4. Bow Down Bishes… Lol I’m kidding, a ain’t no Mrs. Carter stan but I admire her hustle. Gosh the chick is a virgo for Christ sake. It’s all or nothing, we are very passionate beings.

  5. I’m by no means a Beyoncé stan, but she is the BEST overall performer I’ve ever
    witnessed. I’m only 33 and I haven’t
    witnessed everyone since the beginning of
    time, but she is absolutely in her own lane.

  6. I liked her performance but damn, the whole album B!? I agree with you. I don’t check for her music but she shuts it down. She knows how to sing and dance well live. Britney could never, not even in 2003. One thing Beyonce’s shows aren’t is lackluster and sloppy. She’s gonna give you the moves and the voice without sacrificing one for the other or half assing it. Her poor throat tho. 🙁 It can’t catch a break. She doesn’t need to work out either, all the shaking and stepping she does.

    Ariana did good for it being her first performance. I kinda skipped Iggy. I watched it from afar. I watched Usher’s from afar too. Nicki did okay. She was a little low sometimes. I could actually tolerate Anaconda during that performance.

    Jay Pharaoh. I always thought he was cute but I wasn’t feeling his comedy routine tonight. The little skits are the main reason I hate watching award shows. I never laugh and it’s just awkward.

    Mtv needs to stop with the small venues. Makes it look cheap like they rented out a high school for the night.

    1. I completely agree, the one thing about Bey is that she does give her performances more than 110%. Her work ethic is like the pinnacle of today’s entertainers. And you are right, the skits were just awkward. Am I the only one who felt a little awkward for Kim when he was on that wanna-be Kanye skit?

      S/N: The venue wasn’t small at all. The Forum is enormous, they just chose to focus on like one or two sections, I guess cause they just re-did it.

    2. It was good but she didn’t sing that live now stopped it…..pre recorded live vocals. No one can sing and dance like that, while maintaining crisp vocals

      It’s humanly impossible

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