Oh Jesus!

he looks like what i think jesus looks like.
i’m strangely aroused.
so i guess it wouldn’t be wrong if i was to scream,
“oh jesus!
yes jesus!”
“bless me jesus!”?







okay i’ll find a seat in the corner.tumblr_lhydtoWDSA1qakh43o1_400

lowkey: who is this?
i feel like ive posted about him before.

*photo credit to its owner.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Oh Jesus!”

  1. Ok. I say just like like Keston Karter…it’s a fuckin’ sin for a man to look that damn good!!! Even his “bad” pics look good!! LOL

  2. that man looks like a portrait lord he doesn’t even look real lol..my mother and i always said arabs were beautiful people but to mix them with black you get EPIC beauty..hell anything mixed with black comes out looking fine…somebody this fine i’d have to lose some weight get a phd or something before i even try to flirt with him…smh thank you GOD for your creation..yes lord lol

  3. You did posted him before. That Omarion Ryan. That he’s Arab and black mix or just a black Arab.

  4. I have seen this beauty and thought he was processed by a photoshop expert, bred in the lab to create chaos . But if he is all human he is not only perfect but HEAVENLY….NO MAN CAN BE THAT GORGEOUS…….flawless

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