tumblr_nmfpcrF1vH1r2phcfo1_1280…the pool or my guts?
forgive me father.
i’m trying.
you are still working on me,
but this don’t make no kind of sense.

it just doesn’t.
i’ve already put my dream wolf body on my vision board.
i need that to manifest by summer.smileys-cz-3

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “HE’S ABOUT TO DIVE IN”

  1. I could wake up to that face everyday. Love how the facial hair shapes his juicy and sexy lips.
    Dont even get me started on his body. I already wrote a novel in you last post LMAO! but I could go on all day about how sexy this mofo is.
    mmm. I need a wolf/hybrid, like yesterday.

  2. He is very attractive. Lips, body, and face are perfect. I just hope he’s able to carry a conversation. LOL.

  3. Y’ALL!! He’s DAMN FINE, however there are literally MILLIONS in that part of the globe that look just as good or better. I lived in Egypt for six years, God kept me when I didn’t wanna be kept.

  4. Be still my heart….he gets me together everydamnday on IG. I think if I saw him in person I’d be speechless. What does his parents look like? I know he said he’s part black so that makes him black right?

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