Chris Brown Is Better Than Michael Jackson

MJ-drinking-water-michael-jackson-31943989-500-281…said no one ever.
well unless you are a #teambreezy member.
thats what nba baller wolf,
brandon jennings,
may just be.
see he had something doofus-like important to share with us last night.
thoughts i’m sure involved some kind of heavy drug use.
anyway this is what he said on twitter























tumblr_nkr6uhXTR01qi79cgo1_250even chris brown don’t even believe that shit!!!!
i know god don’t.
people have this nasty habit of compare our legends to these new school artists.
people who have no accolades or album sales to compare.
like how do you compare someone like mj to chris brown?
where is chris brown’s “thriller” album?
whats going on his greatest hits collection?
you know i like chris,
but lets be real on the lord’s day.
i understand you love your fav and want to see them do well,
but to compare them to icons who opened the doors for them?
thats ODEE disrespectful.
brandon needs to sit down because we can compare him to others in the nba.
if anything,
this one:

usher-whats-up…would be the heir to that throne.
am i wrong?

lowkey: just because the legend isn’t selling like they use to,
you cannot take away their crown.
(see: madonna)
when i hear people comparing ariana grande to mariah carey
…say what?

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Author: jamari fox

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32 thoughts on “Chris Brown Is Better Than Michael Jackson”

  1. Brandon Jennings; was either drunk with passion or high with visions. Chris, Usher, JT (Justin Timberlake), and all others will faithfully state unequivocally that MJ is and always will be, past, present, future, and long after we have also left this world, THEE GREATEST of all time. He is the ALI and Jordan of the Music Industry. For all you millennials who worship these johnny come lately’s of today, take note that none of them would even be around if not for the contributions of the those whom have come and gone.

  2. I’ve always believed that if anyone would be the next king of pop, it would be Usher. Chris does have a lot of talent, but his artistry is just not on the same level as MJ. Michael was an innovator. He changed the music scene and set the benchmark for what it means to be a performer. Chris just ain’t there. He could probably get there one day if he stopped all his shenanigans.

    1. ^chris needs a lot of work.
      his demons are headlining his talent.
      i believe he don’t have good people in his life.
      he is literally in the wrong team in life.
      they got him out here looking foolish.

  3. Can someone hold my tea? I’m a bout to go in…

    Some people are really not good at judging talent. He is one of them apparently.
    BTW who is he? why is he speaking?
    I thought so. IJS.
    In any case, lets analyse this a little. They are both talented no doubt about that. I don’t like Chris Brown’s behaviour but he is talented at singing, dancing, performing, and even not a bad actor.
    Here’s the questions to answer before we compare these new folk to legends:
    Where is the impact?
    What has his music done for his industry/genre?
    What has his talent done for his community?
    What’s new/ground-breaking about Chris Brown?
    Like you said Jamari, where is his “Thriller” album? The one that revolutionized his career and music?
    Where are the accolades, like you asked?
    …Still waiting…
    LOL Until we can answer that and more, maybe we can compare those two.
    Besides, Chris Brown was foolish enough to derail his career before he even got to that status, at least Michael stayed squeaky clean until AFTER he was established as a legend, and even some of the stuff that he was involved in was questionable if he was even at fault, or if people were extorting him, like people were known to do.

    We can answer all the above questions when we are talking about Michael. If people dont know, it can be googled under Michael Jackson. Can’t say the same for Chris other than Scandal after Scandal.

    Talent-wise, I like Chris’ singing voice MUCH better than Michaels though, and i think Michael was MUCH more talented dancer and performer overall thats JMO.

    Chris Brown cant be compared to Michael because he hasnt revolutionized music, the black community, or done anything valuable with his music. His music, is just music.
    How you gonna compare Chris Brown’s “Loyal” to “Heal the World”? a song with an ACTUAL MESSAGE with humanitarian purposes?
    Sure, Chris has some nice songs too, but there’s no substance to him on average. He has the talent for it, but not the message or raw artistry.

    Ariana Grande is just a raw imitation of Mariah Carey. She’s really talented as well, but Mariah Carey has had a similar effect with her music that Michael has (not as big) but her first albums had a message to deliver such as “There’s got to be a way”, “Anytime you need a friend” and even recently “I want to know what love is”.
    Idk Ariana’s music much but i wasnt under the impression she was going to have the same impact on society. Ariana is on the same level as Chris Brown. A pale imitation newcomer that is really talented that only makes music, not an IMPACT!

    Usher is not bad for the next to usurp the throne, he has a staple album (Confessions era) not as much of an impact, but he’s got the bones for it, and just as talented.

    Leona Lewis is a contender for a new Mariah Carey as well. Both Usher and Leona have the “artistry” element, they are not just some spoiled kids who are JUST talented who JUST make music, not ART!

    Usher kinda fell of though. He’s got to go back to Confessions, he was doing something with that.
    You’re right Jamari, its disrespectful. If someone’s going to usurp the throne, they should be BETTER than their predecessor, or we should just be happy with what they left behind.

    I’m not a superfan of any of these artists I mentioned, its just an artistic perspective.

    1. ^ok I love this d.
      a man who knows his music!!!
      if you were trying to date me,
      i would throw my boxer briefs on your head lol
      I love intelligence and people who know shit.

      1. LOL! <3
        If only most people saw it that way J. I would have men flocking.
        I feel like my thoughts and opinions are all I have as leverage over others.
        If we could find more intelligence in the world, We'd have a bigger flock to choose from also.
        Its extremely sexy to me, its like #1 for me.
        I hate stupid,ignorant, arrogance without a reason (and in general) and incompentence…UGH! there's too much of that running around.

    2. ^LOL. You lost me at the singing part. I’ve never thought Chris’s vocals were all that great. Chris’s talent is his dancing, plain and simple. He’s a performer extraordinaire.

      Ariana Grande is too nasal for me. She has good pipes, but for some reason shes sounds nasally when she sings…to me. She has a few good songs, but I don’t see her being the next Mariah.

      Usher had his moment with Confessions, but instead of capitalizing on it, he fell into the fad of trying to make the same music that other artists had out. It backfired and he started his decline.

      Leona Lewis never had a chance in the U.S. She had the one song, Bleeding Love, and she wasn’t marketed correctly. The labels, and reviewers, tried to label her the next Mariah Carey, and that wasn’t the case. People were/are looking for originals, not carbon copies of others. She may have had a chance if they REALLY tried with her, but they didn’t. They gave up on her quick.

      What these artists lack is creativity. Michael and Madonna had it in spades. It carried them for years, and with each project they were able to make something creatively different from what was on the market at the time. Over time it started to get “old” and the public started to turn on them with some of their projects, Madonna’s “Erotica” period and MJ’s post “Dangerous” period. These days, artists need a sex tape, a titty/dick pic released, or something else in order to stay relevant. There is no creativity or originality anymore. You turn on the radio and every song sounds damn near the same. I long for the music of the 70’s through early 2000’s, you had some interesting and creative stuff. Not any longer.

      1. * bows down*
        Totally agree with everything you said.
        I prefer Chris Brown’s voice over MJ’s personally. I just wasnt a super fan of MJ’s voice, but he can sing too. TBH im not raving over either of them vocally lol. I’m sticking with Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars has a really nice voice, and Mary J. Blige, among others, I could go all day haha, Sia and Amy lee from Evanescence are my current faves though.

        Yeah Ariana IS really nasally, I noticed that also, BUT I noticed when she covers other people’s songs (namely Mariah Carey LOL) it actually goes away. I heard her cover Mariah Carey’s “Emotion” and it was a damn near identical imitation. She did a cover of Whitney Houston’s ” I Have Nothing” and it was “Okay” at best..
        That only attests to her being what you coined “a carbon copy”. I think that’s her scope as an artist, and its sad, because she is my generation, and people who have the talent aren’t bringing ANYTHING to the table for this generation.
        Its embarrassing.

        I agree with what you said about Usher, and its sad about Leona, because she could hav been pretty good too, she didnt have to be the new Mariah, but she could have easily been a good modern option. Oh well.

        You were right about the creativity, its seriously lacking, and they re-invented themselves as they grow, and as the times change, as true artists do.

        In Mariah’s case, she has kind of an inverted artist curve LOL, her music has been regressing over time, she has buried what made her really special. Her fist few albums throught he 90’s were her best. Idk what kinda ish she’s on now lol.

        You know what I think? There may be some really talented artist out there, that may actually deserve that kind of recognition, but they’re not mainstream. We don’t know about them.

        The one thing I think about this generation that TRUMPS the others is that we have MUCH better resources at finding new artists and customizable playlists thanks to the technology

        (thank you spotify)

        If we’re looking to the radio for new music, then you’re doing it wrong, we need to really look for these artists, I believe they are out there, they are just more underground.

    3. Lol chris Brown is a HORRIBLE actor.

      Ariana doesn’t have a fraction of the talent mariah Carey has. I mean Ariana doesn’t even write her own songs.

      If usher fell off then Leona Lewis isn’t even on the map. I would think in order to be an heir to mariah’s throne the person would have to have a sliver of relevance.

  4. That Michael Jackson gift is everything and describes this foolishness to the T. Lets get one thing straight, there will never be another Michael Jackson, and now that he is gone home to Glory its a wrap. Chris Brown, Usher, Mariah, Beyonce and who ever is the flavor of the month will not make my list of the really great innovators of music. True they are all talented, but we have already been to their shows with all the greats who paved the way for them. Going way back to Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and then Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Glady’s Knight, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Prince, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston and a few Im sure I forgot. These people were/are musical geniuses or ones like Diana and Tina who forever changed entertainment with their stage presence and the others forever changed how we listen to certain types of music. Their styles, innovation, stage antics, vocal prowess are unmatched by any of today’s artist and I dont know whether to laugh or cry when these new artist that are being crown King or Queen of anything. I guess their shitty music will be classic to all these who dont know any better because they have grown up listening to it. These old school artist made their mark for the most part before video’s with sheer talent and unmatched creativity.

    I dont know anything about Brandon Jennings other than he plays in the NBA. I will be sure and ask Michael Jordan about him if I get the chance.

  5. @Dignified….yeah, Amy from Evanescence has a killer voice. I also like Hailey from Paramore.

    I could not agree more when you talk about the talent of this generation. It’s missing from the radio and TV. There are so many individuals out there who I’m sure have the talent and desire to make it.

    Unfortunately, once they get discovered their reps will try to turn them into the next ___. That is the problem with the industry. You have these people who THINK they know what the public wants, but they are wrong. I look at all of these vocal competition shows as an example, especially American Idol.

    You hear all of these amazing voices during the tryouts and somehow during Hollywood the ones whose voices blow you away…are sent home. They ALWAYS end up with vocally weak contestants once the real competition begins. Sure, you will have a few that still can vocally blow you away, but the majority of them don’t hold a candle to the ones with the real voices. I may be among a minority, but I prefer to hear someone who can sing on their own and not with the help of machines. I don’t like studio singers, give me the real deal.

    In regards to Mariah, she fell victim to the rumors that she wasn’t black enough. And that was pretty much when her music started to “suffer” for lack of a better term. She started heading more towards the hip-hop R&B influence, which alienated most, if not all, of her audience. If you go back to when she first broke free from her hubby Tommy Mottola, that is when she first dipped into the R&B/hip-hop (hate that term) arena, with the song “Honey”. From that point on, that was the direction she took, even though the music started to feel watered down and more gimmicky than anything. As evidenced by the monster success of “We Belong Together” the fan base loved that return to her old style of music, which put her on top again momentarily. But that was short-lived. LOL

    Radio and TV will never again be good avenues to hear good, talented artists. Everyone sounds alike and uses the same producers, who seem like they are scared to do something risky. That was one thing I liked most about Timbaland. He is a producer that isn’t afraid to do different things with music and beats.
    You find good singers through obscure websites and/or Youtube clips. I see a lot of them on VH1 Soul Player, which surprisingly plays a lot of obscure artists, who normally would not get any airplay.

    1. Where ARE you in my life? LOL
      You are giving me so much life right now.
      I have to check out Paramore, I’ve heard Hailey’s voice before and remember liking it, and some of their songs, I just never committed to them. I’ll give them another chance.
      I cosign 100% and i was thinking the same thing about Mariah Carey with that song. I was just thinking, “Where IS that in her music these days?” That song is very “Mariah” and it was modern, so she can grow as an artist and not sound the same all the time without selling out. She’s still got it, she’s just not using it.
      Why would someone of her prestige and raw talent sing something like “Touch My Body” like what the actual fuck?
      You’re right, its these producers and record deals, they’re awful. I swear most artists just need to go Indie or make their own record labels, its just a nightmare what these companies do to these talented artists. Its criminal.

      ” You hear all of these amazing voices during the tryouts and somehow during Hollywood the ones whose voices blow you away…are sent home. They ALWAYS end up with vocally weak contestants once the real competition begins. Sure, you will have a few that still can vocally blow you away, but the majority of them don’t hold a candle to the ones with the real voices. I may be among a minority, but I prefer to hear someone who can sing on their own and not with the help of machines. I don’t like studio singers, give me the real deal.”

      I cant watch any of those shows anymore, its just upsetting for those very reasons. The last person that I remember who won that show who was really good was Fantasia, but Im pretty sure Jennifer Hudson was on that season and another girl who had an astronomical voice, who would have gone further than Fantasia. It happens every season. That show is a joke now. Kelly Clarkson is my favourite winner. She made the most of it, and she still makes relevant music, and shes a good singer to boot. Good on her.
      Its a popularity contest more than a singing show. Its way too staged for my liking.

      And no, you are not alone there, I need my artists to sound similar to their records. I dont like Christina Aguilera’s music that much but I LOVE her voice. If they sound good live, thats the true test, and i usually dont give people any time or bother if they aren’t. I wanted to listen to auto-tune I might as well make music myself, I can sing better than most of those people anyway, but I’ll leave to the REAL musical artists.

      Youtube has been my way of finding new artists and recently spotify, and I’ll have to check out VH1 Soul Player, haven’t heard of that.
      Lovin the conversation Christian! I thought I was the only one who had these opinions LOL

      1. ***IF** I wanted to listen to auto-tune. I might as well make music myself etc. … lol had to correct that lol

      2. Loved what you said about kelly and idol. I SWEAR she goes away for awhile and she shows back up and looks legitimately happy to be where she is.

  6. No one is the next MJ because everyone is their own person. Fans need to stop putting artist in boxes or categories. MJ had his own level and Chris has his own level. I’m sure they could care less, they’re making money.

    Mariah who? Is what my friends say to me now. Seems like i’m the only one who still listens to her old stuff…

    1. Yeah, there’s no need for the comparisons and the “next” so and so. Christian hit the nail on the head when he said its mostly the record labels and producers/reps etc. pushing this because they think thats what the public wants.
      Obviously they dont know their stuff, which I think is crazy because knowing what people want is their job/expertise.
      And its a shame about Mariah, she could still be making waves if she made the right decisions. I like her old stuff also. Visions of Love, Without You,Vanishing and Anytime you Need a Friend are my faves among others. the only new one i like is :I want to know what love is”. I don’t listen to those songs often anymore though…

  7. @Dignified….yeah, I came across Paramore by accident actually. I saw a video of theirs for a song on the Transformers Dark of The Moon soundtrack. Afterwards, I went and looked up some of their other songs, which I surprisingly liked. I love their song, Ain’t It Fun. Listen to the lyrics. That mofo hits home if you have people in your life like that. LOL

    Mariah could very well make another comeback of sorts, if she put effort into it. Artistically I think she’s being lazy. She thinks slapping the latest rapper on her song will make it a hit. Not the case, boo! She needs to get herself back in the studio with a good creative team, like she had back it the day. Recreate that vintage Mariah. THAT’S what everyone is looking for…not her old ass trying to stay relevant with an audience that doesn’t know her well. Does she even realize that her fan base is their PARENTS, not them! DUH!!! LOL

    I actually stopped watching Idol after Season 5. That was the season with Chris Daughtry and Elliott Yamin, both having AMAZING voices, getting voted off early. Taylor Hicks was the winner that season.
    After that I never looked at the show again. Of course Chris went on to big things with his group Daughtry, but Elliott disappeared after his minor hit, “Wait For You”. BTW, Daughtry is another favorite of mine. He has a powerful voice. As for your girl Kelly, I did not like her at first, but man did she grow on me over the years. Man, that chick can blow!! Carrie Underwood has a nice voice too. Fantasia and Jennifer have been fairly disappointing. They have good songs here and there, and with their vocal skills, that should not be the case. I blame their labels for not knowing how to market them properly.

    Again, you make a very good point with Christina Aguilera. She has an AWESOME voice, but her music has gone downhill since her Stripped CD. THAT was her vocally at her best. I guess it’s true that when the artists pour their heart out, they get great songs/music. Mary J. Blige, Adele, Usher, Christina…they’re all good examples of that.

    1. I checked them out! They’re not bad! I like her voice! They were crazy in that video LOL She was going in with the lyrics! I’ve been there with those type of people. The kind with their heads stuck in the clouds or in their own bubble thinking they’re the shizz, like these attentionistos out here, when in reality they are the ones who are the biggest cry for help. Ain’t it fun living in the real world, all alone, being one of us now? LOL! *love it*

      YES about Mariah! I dont know what she doesn’t understand! Even some millenials who actually NOTICE her talent (*ahem* myself *ahem* LOL- I’m probably the only one my age who cares though lol) want to here the Visions of Love type songs! We all want that! Most of her fan base is older and shes catering to a market that she cant really compete in anyway. Just makes no damn sense! Stick to your strengths Mariah! She could make a comeback for sure, but like you said she needs a good creative team to get the juices flowing. Even if she has to smoke something to get really artsy IDC just DO IT MARIAH! LOL!
      She can’t be lazy like that, like, dont even bother putting out music until you get the creative bug again yknow?

      I remember that season, and I actually remember those people LOL WOW! I think there was a guy name Ace that season too and he was good, and a black girl who was really good I think, OMG Remember Mandisa from another season? OMG her voice was amazing! I think I watched a few seasons after that but most of it’s a blur now!

      Usually artists are at their best when they debut or in the first few albums they release for whatever reason, they are their most authentic, pure, they tap into their artistry the most in the first few albums. I notice that to be a trend with many artists! Only some of them grow with time and actually improve over time!

      *sigh* how I love Adele! Need more of her in the market place…REALLY!

      I’ve been venturing into the Latin field, and am loving it currently! Found some good artists! Classics being Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, and some new guys: Maluma, Prince Royce, and Romeo Santos.
      Its fresh and new, and I find the language muy muy sexy, and fluid to listen to!

      1. Yeah. I like Hailey’s voice. It’s playful and fits their songs.

        Mariah needs to sit down and rethink her career right now. Get some good producers, writers (even though she writes most of her own stuff) and stylists. She needs to remember her core audience, and above all…stop dressing like a damn hoochie. That tight shit on her, with her boobs all out…is not cute. She looks like a damn fool trying to squeeze herself into that shyt. If she needs to take time off, then do that. Get those creative juices flowing again.

        I do remember Mandisa. Her voice was amazing. i think she sings Gospel music now. funny how everyone turns to the lord when their main career doesn’t take off or has faded. LOL

        You are so right about artists being their best with their debut or sophomore efforts. That is usually when you hear some of their best material. Everything subsequent is an attempt to recapture that magic. I feel Beyonce is like that, once she went solo. Her debut CD was something good. Everything since has been garbage, with jams sprinkled in here and there. I feel the REAL hood Beyonce has been coming out with each subsequent release, and she needs to send that chick back to the hood…and get back to making some real QUALITY music. LOL

        Ahhh, Adele. That CD hit home like a mofo!! It’s been a LOOONNNGGG time since I listened to a CD from start to finish, without skipping tracks. Hers was one of them.
        Set Fire to The Rain was my relationship story.

        I’ve been listening to Latin music and Reggaeton for a while now. I have a few of Enrique’s CD’s actually, as well as Ricky Martin’s debut CD. Funny you should mention Romeo Santos. That’s my crush right there. The things I’d do to, and with, that man!! LOL
        Never heard of Malumba, but I do like Prince Royce too! I also like Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, and Wisin y Yandel…just to name a few others.

      2. Mariah needs to re-invent herself, but take the best of her old self, and maybe add in some of her experience as well, as opposed to putting on this “i’m a diva legend” persona that she manifested for herself. If she wants us to take her seriously, she needs her act to be serious.
        Mariah hun, its time for some gowns, you’ve still got a nice body, but the mid-riff showing has officially been weird since idk 10 years ago? LOL! She can still look grown and sexy without dressing like a whack 20 year old who think shes hot in the club rofl.

        Mandisa, bless her heart, and her voice was stellar, WOOT! But i think she was a gospel artist from the beginning if Im not mistaken! I wish I heard her on some more “I’m Every Woman” type tracks, she’s got the charismatic voice for it! Oh well…

        LOL at Beyonce, and what is SHE doing? Omg… What happened to Crazy In Love and Naughty Girl, I even liked Baby Boy,Sweet Dreams and Halo, I think there were a few more but I think thats it lol! Beyonce is purely a performer to me as well, she’s no lyrical genius, but she can work the hell out of stage!!She can sing, but the tone of her voice is kinda annoying to me, kinda like Rihanna and Sam Smith (don’t shoot me! he makes good music! LOL)
        The difference being Sam Smith is an actual artist from what it seems.. and he’s my generation, so maybe were not all hopeless? LOL :p his voice still sounds whiny to me, good music though.
        Her music has always been kinda “meh”, nice dance tracks, but I’m probably the only fox the doesnt have a Beyonce song on his phone LOL! I prefer the artsy, lyrical and earthy shit LOL!

        OMG, isnt Romeo Santos so freaking cute? Que Rico!, Prince Royce is my boy tho, Maluma is kinda the Trey Songz of latin, and his songs are really catchy!, he’s a pretty boy with some swag, but he’s a decent singer too!
        I’ve been hearing about Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, and Wisin y Yandel! They are next on my list I’ve been spotifying them all day LOL.
        Right now I’m going through Prince Royce’s discogrpahy, and next is Romeo in full!
        Ricky Martin in the Livin La Vida Loca is so sexy, he actually turned me on in that video WOO! They got his hair just right, and his beautiful face and voice just UGHH, take me NOW! lol! Other than that video, I find him to be pretty nice to listen to! LOL!

  8. SMH…youth is so wasted on the young. I thnk Jennings was having a hormone moment for “his boy” , as they usually refer to them,Chris.

    So admirable but frankly Jennings as you said its his opinion and i take it for what it is – a juvenile moment.

    I don’t think Jennings and billions of people worldwise will ever be dancing to a Chris Brown song on Halloween. Until I see that happening, Jennings can keep having his hormone moment.

  9. @Dignified…Mariah is like some of these old ass men I see everyday dressed like their teenage kids. You too old for that mess! Act your age and dress your age! Tired of seeing her ta-tas busting out of he outfit! LOL

    Beyonce can sing and perform, but one thing she is not is original. She is always taking/copying someone, and passing it off as her own. He voice grew on me, because I used to think she sounded like a damn goat. LOL Her first CD will always be my favorite. It was a very decent R&B album. Me, Myself, & I along with Be With You..I played those two songs to death!

    You gonna hate me on this one..but I don’t’ like Sam Smith. His voice annoys the hell out of me. I tried to listen to his CD, but it wasn’t working for me. Did NADA!

    Man, the things I would do to Romeo! Cute….nah, that dude is fine as hell to me.
    Maluma reminds me too much of Justin Bieber. That’s not good.
    One thing about Daddy Yankee is that his older stuff is kinda whack. The newer stuff is better.
    Wisin y Yandel grew on me, thanks to my next door neighbor! LOL You hear stuff that initially annoys you, but over time kinda grows on you. That’s what happened with them. He’d blast their songs while washing his car on the weekends.
    The movie Fast Five turned me on to Don Omar.

    1. I think we are music twins LOL!
      I literally thought I was the only one with these opinions!

      These artists really need to get their act together!

      Mariah needs to come out of the clouds though. She’s so far stuck up her own ass that she can’t even see how she’s coming across. I think she has the “I made it, so I can just relax now” type mentality, like no hun, make some proper music with some lyrical artistry and a little substance, dress nice, and just perform the songs.
      Get raw, get real, get authentic with it, enough with the glitz and glamour, no one cares! She’s still in her 40’s its not like she’s Aretha Franklin or something! She needs to keep hustling before she completely falls off the train!

      I still think Beyonce sounds like a goat btw, rofl, Rihanna is the queen of goats though LOOL! (at least she has charisma) I dont there’s hope for her LOL! Never liked her voice. I think she can sing decently enough, but just her tone of her voice is just, no bueno! LOL Great performer though!

      O.M.G. No, I can’t stand Sam Smith’s voice EITHER! Again, I think he’s pretty good artist, but I just cant get through his songs. He sounds so whiny to me. Not for me. I was just saying that he’s proofthat our generation isn’t ALL bad. There are people out there, just not so recognized yet, they’re coming.

      LOL Romeo, oh Romeo! He’s still growing on me. I liked him in the Rival video. he looked and sounded sexy, with his shirt open. Some guys, you just want to lick all over, *fans*
      ( I have a MAJOR thing for latin men)
      LOL I’ll take Maluma over Justin Bieber anyday, he makes better music, ive always disliked Bieber, to the point where I dont know any of his songs except for maybe the first one he ever came out with, though he did a collab with chris brown, and it wasnt bad, not jumping up and down either.
      Maluma makes some good dance tracks. and J.Balvin isnt bad too. Balvin is not typically what I’d go for, but in his video: Sola. he got me feeling some type of way, heavy, damn!. He’s cute in an unconventional way lol, and he needs to let his hair stay like how it was in the sola video, he keeps cutting it -__- LOL!
      Checking out Wisin Yandel now, not bad so far, good for dance tracks!

      1. Dignified…Mariah still has a chance, but she needs to focus. She REALLY needs to avoid going for the hip-hop sound and make music like she used to. Sure, her cd’s would have a hip-hop influenced track or two, but she doesn’t need an entire cd like that. Write great songs, like she does, but get some quality producers that can give the ballads and slow jams she can sing. And she needs to carry herself like a lady and not a hoe!

        Beyonce needs to go back to the sound she had on that first cd. THAT was music…not this bullshit she out here promoting. People that don’t know any better calling that crap “hot”. Please. She can keep that bullshit. LOL

        As I said before….Romeo would be in trouble if he met me. After I get over drooling, I’m kidnapping his ass to a hotel suite, and he’s not coming out until we are DONE! LOL
        I gotta listen to some more of Malumba’s stuff, as well as Balvin. I’ve heard of him, but never listened to anything of his. Daddy Yankee is another who could get it! LOL

  10. MJ will forever be no.1
    Thank GOD there’s still rationally thinking people that exist. Thank u for elevating these delusional Breezy fans back down to reality. In my eyes, Chris Brown is not a ‘complete’ entertainer. To me, DANCING is all that he has in his locker. Even looking at his style, hes just a break dancer type. Is he MUSICALLY talented? I don’t think so. Hes musical creativity is very mediocre, and doesn’t have that many hits. Even his lyrics are often amateurish, hes just not someone who shows a sign of PROGRESS.

    As for Usher, that is what u call a complete entertainer, he most certainly comes “closer” to MJ than Chris. Vocally is stronger, someone who can rock a stage with their voice, and lets not forget the ability to be pitch perfect along with dancing. A limitation that pushed Breezy to lip-sync more often than needed. His vocals are what u could label ‘good’. Comparing their dancing styles, i feel lke Usher executes MJ’s moves better which is enabled by the fact that hes SMOOTHER and classier. That is quite clear when u compare there tributes, the freestyling kid is slow and edgy, while Usher does with pace and fluidity.

    Even after Confessions, i don’t understand ppl saying that ‘he fell off’. Usher says that he wanted to ”take things to the next level vocally and lyrically”. That can be highlighted with the comparison of Burn from Confessions and Moving Mountains from HereIStand. Usher went from making joyful and relatable music, to mature quality music that often falls into the category of the underrated.

    Another reason he hasn’t really fallen off, is that ever since he went on to make 6 more #1’s, as he talentedly adapted from R&B to Pop. That gives a total of 14 #1’s tieing him with MJ himself. That surely assures that Usher is overall more talented than Chris Brown.

    To conlcude i would probably say 1.MJ 2.Usher 3.Chris Brown.

  11. i am a big Michael Jackson fan an I am also a big critic too but this shouldn’t even b a discussion guys come on. Michael Jackson is a way better dancer and singer by far than Chris brown is . I’ve watch Michael sing and dance since he was 8. he’s not label the greatest because someone just woke up in the morning and said hey lets label Michael Jackson the greatest Artist of all all time.

    no there reasoning behind all of this. Micheal sung his songs with such good harmony he had universal appeal at the age of 10 Micheal’s body when he dances corresponds with just about every instrument in the beats that he dances on vs Chris brown krump dancing all over the dam place. i still think Chris brown is a good dancer and singer but to compare him with Michael Jackson someone that is great is really just being disrespectful to Michael and his legacy and i want to just clear the air on this one Michael Jackson is a legend and a icon i don’t know what Chris brown is except for a popular artist. there is nothing that Chris brown dose that makes him better than Michael Jackson so like i said this shouldn’t b a discussion.

    Michael Jackson had more #1 hits at age 13 than Chris brown had even thought about getting yet. so to speak Michael could of stop his career in 1971 and accomplished more than Chris brown in 2 years from Chris brown’s 10 years being in this industry today. but no Michael kept going and look what he became to be MICHAEL JACKSON. the electrifying performer that can stand still on stage and get louder screams than Chris brown’s 1-2 hour performances but we all just forget how good the young Michael was in his early years “huh” well I sure don’t i honestly think Michael was the greatest 11 year old singer who had ever touched a microphone.

    he sung songs he new nothing about with such intense emotion all we knew when we watch him that he was a gift from god and if u didn’t get to see him perform live Then u had missed out on a experience of a life time that u will now never see again. so u guys just please not forget who we had on this earth at a time’ like in the recent comments above that were said ‘ the one that delivered a message with his time here he had on our planet. the one that had that ability to convey emotion with his voice and that alone separates good singers from great singers that ability to just make you feel what they are singing and that’s what Michael was great at the most.






  12. This goes out to Brandon Jenkins.

    You sound like a 3rd grader saying Chris brown can do any move

    You just want to start controversy

    What a boring life for a millionaire

    \\PS: Even Chris brown knows that he won’t be the king of pop
    he respects Michael Jackson and knows he cant take
    the throne from michael in his dreams

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