You Down (But When You Gonna Get Up?)

amelalbumsi heard “get up” by amel larrieux the other day and its been stuck in my head since.
so today i decided to buy her two albums,
“infinite possibilities” and “bravebird”.
i wasn’t much of a fan before,
i love soul music so i said i’d give her a shot.
mi is blastin’ trap music and makin insta-videos in the living room.
her phone don’t leave her hand.
she also cookin lunch so i’ll let her have her moment.
i lit some incense and locked myself away in my den.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “You Down (But When You Gonna Get Up?)”

  1. Is she any good? Worth getting the albums?
    I’m into soul music (to a degree) but sometimes it just doesn’t reach me! (Depends on the artist, their sound, and their lyrics)

    1. ^yeah I like what she is speaking about.
      her lyrics are about the struggle.
      im listening to “infinite possibilities”.
      the music is creating an atmosphere so I’m definitely digging it.
      check it out on spotify before you purchase!

      1. Sounds good! Sounds like its up my alley! I’ll give her a check out! Good lookin’ out bro!
        Oh and btw, I just downloaded Duolingo, because I want to learn Spanish.
        I’m heavily attracted to Latin wolves, and got a little Latin in my heritage so I decided why not. I also downloaded a lot of the other apps you mentioned at various times, very useful! Thanks!

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