Trey Burke Gets Some Alleged Peen Leakage?

2fc863196002cfd5a91bae4daaeb10b6its no surprise everyone wants a piece of nba baller wolf,
trey burke.

don’t ack like you don’t.
shiiiid in a perfect world,
i would have him nestled snuggly in my foxhole for the upcoming fall season.

7…this ain’t a perfect world tho.
well it seems whatever she-jackal allegedly got a piece of trey recently decided to show us.
yes foxhole.
an f-bi sent me some alleged peen leakage from trey.
don’t faint!
now do you think this is meat?…
(this entry is def nsfw and 18^)

its kinda purty.
well if it is his alleged meat,
i wonder who he sent these wonderful shots too?
i ain’t gonna complaining tho.
oh and BTW:
trey just had a baby with his long time vixen.


lowkey: if his long term vixen was scared he’d go and get some new cooch,
she better be scared when these whores see his peen.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Trey Burke Gets Some Alleged Peen Leakage?”

    1. ^shit don’t all regular men do that,
      when a man gets a level of fame like trey,
      and is attractive like he is,
      they get their choice of decent hole.

  1. He just confirmed to me that PLENTY of them NBA playas are nothing but over exposed queens with small dicks and would raise their legs up as soon as you can say ..DICK

  2. I was wondering when he’d get “exposed”. He’s definitely a cutie.
    In the second pic, is that a condom on his dick? It looks crooked and weird in that second pic….but looks fine in the third!
    Now I’m just waiting on Colin to get put out there! LOL

    1. Yea, that second pic might be altered or something. Shit looks creepy either way. If I was the type of dude to bang randoms I’d still bend him over and pipe him, been wanting some of his ass for a min. He’s just so sexy to me. I bet he got some good ass lol.

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