Travis Cure Is Better Than Chocolate

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.07.23 PM^i can’t.
so i found him.
who you ask?
well i did some sniffing around and found the wolf from ( x last night ).
his name is travis and well…

…and he is what pure raw chocolate is made of!!!
tumblr_n3dbyvR80u1qivd1ao1_500so this is what i gathered from his dossier.
tk is originally from florida,
but currently resides in atl.
he is a fitness model,
who also played football briefly and ended up being a marine corp.
he also has a twin brother,
and has a daughter.
now here is all that chocolate in motion:

he looks tall.
i like tall.
jacob koohinor,
or mr butt cheeks as i call him,
even got an interview as well:

he makes my inner thot get disrespectful.
well good luck of the endeavors travis.
i definitely want 2 see more of you.

*photos and videos credited to travis

15 thoughts on “Travis Cure Is Better Than Chocolate

  1. Hot sexy chocolate! This man is toooooo fine! Reminds me of that other sexy chocolate man,Braylon Edwards!!

  2. Somebody call the Dr., Dr. Feelgood that is cause all this chocolate done shot my suga way up. Lawd Have Mercy why did God make Black men so beautiful, I know God must be a Black man because he made him in his image. So many beautiful brotha’s So little time.

  3. see he’s so fine he would make me become the KING of THOTS…like with a man this bad i would do all kinds of freaky shit, would even make Superhead blush with the shit i’d do to him…i couldn’t be with a man this fine LAWD that chocolate would make me overdose and i just saved his pics on my computer lol..i have to show my homegirl all of this chocolate, her and i have the same taste in mine lmao!!!

  4. He isn’t short. Just as amazing in and very nice. He was dating Dondria in 2013 but not sure if that is current

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