jeff cutts is a wolf who wears multiple fur (naked is the best tho)

the chest >>>>
yes foxhole.
take that meat all in.
so let’s font about jeff cutts.
i’ve been wanting to font about him for a while now.
of course,
i didn’t know who he was.
i was seeing him pop up on my feed.
of course,
the foxhole guided in the right direction.
what would i do without you all?
well jeff is in my foxhole now and well…

excuse me.
i’m feeling a tad…

jeff looks like a better version of columbus short.
what columbus should have been.
from what i’ve researched about jeff:

  • resides in dc
  • straight
  • gay friendly
  • father of 1
  • personal trainer
  • fitness model
  • barber
  • marine vet

 he’s also a hunter:

…who gets naked in erotic painting for “paint ‘n’ sips”:

i love a wolf whose on the hustle.
this all leads me to a ton of questions.
i’ll be interviewing jeff soon for a foxhole exclusive.
stay tuned for that.

lowkey:judging from the large tatt on his abs,
i’ve guessed jeff is also a scorpio.
that would explain the “sexy af”-ness vibe.

check out jeff: website

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “jeff cutts is a wolf who wears multiple fur (naked is the best tho)”

  1. I would love to know the rules of these paint n’ sips.

    1) If they’re straight and there are women around, how do they not get erections?

    2)Are the women allowed to touch them?

    3)Do they hook up with the painters?

    4) How do they avoid pictures of their junk being leaked?

    1. From what I’ve seen from Lamonte’s Paint & Sip events, the women (and men that attend) are allowed to touch (I’ve seen videos of women and men touching and painting on Lamonte and Shaquille, and seen Shaquille pouring liquor in a guy’s mouth). I’m guessing they aren’t hard since they aren’t masturbating at these events, they keep some level of professionalism (Shaquille’s girlfriend helps set up and works these events).

      Now I don’t know what went down at Jeff’s as he organized his own event lol.

  2. You’re a breath taker❤❤😍😍I wish I could meet you in person❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙I’m your biggest fan though😘😘❤❤

  3. He look good as he’ll nice body nice little booty nice complexion nice tattoos i got to get his info he shouldn’t be showing all that nice naked body off for painting.

  4. This is in reply to your creative/depression post. I have been in analysis for 20 years and group for a little more than 2. I hesitate to recommend self help books but i got so much out of The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. I bot and put it on a shelf for a year. Later i got it out and tore thru the exercise. Now i care for my inner artists and its oddly not expensive as i went thru a period where i temp’ed for a living. I found my creative voice which used only found scrap material, metrocards and designer shopping bags. It turns out i didn’t want/need to be collected by a major museum but just to connect with people on a deeper level. Maybe just in a little way each day nothing huge, set reasonable expectation. It took emotional heavy lifting but i got to a place where i had multiple art projects in various stages in the works and that fed gifting artwork and a stream of compliment/good energy back which i digested and owned and then put back in to new work which then fueled more compliments in a great cycle. I don’t have such a cycle running as vigorously right now due to health issues but i revisit that energy when i need inspiration

  5. I caught a few of his Instagram Live feeds. He loves the attention he gets from fans. He’s straight but seems to be okay with the gheys. I’m gonna give him a certified stamp of approval.

    Ole phine bitch. 😝

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