it goes down with the paint (lamonte)

*the following entry is rated R
viewer discretion is strongly advised

 lamonte is straight and happens to be very gay friendly.
i didn’t know males could attend these kinds of events,
but as you can see,
this is from one of his exotic paintings sessions.
i doubt you can rub him down like the vixens do,
but they will allow you to paint and have a good time.
a foxholer sent me the stories of djmomoney and well…

don’t even get me started on these NSFW links:




i can just IMAGINE all the sex he gets from doing this.
he doesn’t even have to ask.

i’d like to attend lamonte’s “sip n paint” situation.
if he ever hits new yawk,
i might just have to be there.
i’d love to see alla this in person.

of course.
i don’t like touching anyone until given the:

someone get lamonte in my foxhole for an interview.
i’ve got questions!

lowkey: i’d love to sponsor and promote sip n paints.
how would i do so?
this seems right up my foxhole alley.

check out lamonte: instagram | exotic paintings

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “it goes down with the paint (lamonte)”

  1. So I take it Monte is forgiven for his Trump support? because last time he appeared here he was dragged for the gawds by your readers lol…

    Anyhoo, I’m here for some Monte…. 😝
    And yes, he is okay with the gheys… hell, he used to webcam for them back in the day. Arching dat ass and flashing dat hole like only a good cam hoe can. 😗

    1. ^he’s a story.

      i didn’t know about his maga ways until recently.
      i loved his amatuer porn lol
      didn’t know he had cam videos either.

      i find most folks in the army are down with trump.

  2. I can’t check out any of this as I’m on campus and don’t need the cops called on me for watching some BBD flop around. I see everyone forgot he’s MAGA. I’m a judgmental nosy person. I’ll watch the videos looking down my nose at him, out of curiosity. I’m like those conservative red states that have the highest searches for Gay, Black porn 🙂

  3. A lot depends on the city where the event is being held as to whether it’s women only, open to both, or just for men. All three types can happen in the same city as well. Of course the model preference in his audience as well goes a long way to determine what model appears at what event. Catch phrases as to what they call the event vary as well.

  4. i did an event with Lamonte. Not only does he NOT respect the LGBTQ community, a PROUD Trump supporter, extremely uneducated, but he’s a THIEF as well!!!!

  5. Vixi Maria! É tão bonito quanto eu pensava…

    He may be in support of a man that wants to build a wall, but I got some walls for Lamonte to tear down!

  6. Lamont is cute. Still he’s MAGA hat wearing Trump supporter. Sorry, that is a deal breaker for me. I cannot support a man who supports another who man has NO regard for people of color.

  7. LaMonte is confused. First of all, his so-called girlfriend is White (one of the friends of his is also black) they are not truly his girlfriend(s) I have camera phone footage of him in my home right before he gave me head. He’s not famous and he is a confused phony who he and Shaq and this other guy Shaunb_ engage in threesomes and other stuff. LaMonte is from Virginia Beach, Va and Shaq has a kid but they both fuck guys on the low. Especially for money. LaMonte also has an Airbnb in Maryland/DC area. He has a mean head game and likes to get fuck. Also my friend T has also had him. This is the truth.

    1. LAWD It’s always the ones that doth protest too much about gays that be DL. Trying on one hand to get black women’s money (hence being very anti-LGBT in public) whilst simultaneously fucking men on the side in private for them gay dollars.

    2. …how do I book a private session with him. I wouldn’t mind paying top dollar for him. Im being serious lol

  8. I just went to LaMonte’s event last week and he was very gay friendly. Men and women got to oil him down. I even got to take some great photos with him. He didn’t seem homophobic at all.

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