caution (mariah is back with a mood)

next to toni braxton,
mariah is pretty much one of the last living early 90s divas.
janet started in the 80s so i won’t count her.
i might be missing another legend so correct me if i’m wrong.
so i got a chance to listen to “caution” over the weekend.
my thoughts

i loved it.
it’s a mood.
the theme of this 10 track album is being in a new relationship.
one break up song (GTFO).
it tells a story of breaking up with someone and starting something new.
the honeymoon stage of a rebound of sorts.
i can dig it.
it was current,
but still gave me classic mariah.
one thing i stan about her is she always incorporates hiphop flawlessly in her music.
you can already imagine this track was on repeat for a whole hour:

that song is the entire knock.

mariah is alleged to sell 40 to 45k in pure sales.
around the same amount in streaming.
gone are the days when a mariah record would sell 1 million copies first week.
anyone else for that matter.
she has solidified her legendary status tho.
her old shit is selling just as good as her new shit.
“glitter” being one that recently got resurrected.

i love this soundtrack.
stupid underrated.
anything now she puts out is for the lambily and fun.

lowkey: she has a track for japanese release called “runaway”.
i gotta hear it.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “caution (mariah is back with a mood)”

  1. They can keep this Trap mess. R&B will always be it for me! I hope this bumps the Splenda understudy off of the charts.

    1. ^it’s real mid tempo/chill.
      the only uptempo is “oh no no” with the “crush on u” beat.
      my recommendations are:

      one mo gen

      other recommendations are scheduled to change as i listen more.
      it’s pretty laid back tho.

  2. Never have been a big Mariah fan, but I was anxious to see what this album would sound like. It’s still not my speed overall, I agree with you Jamari that “A No No” did stay on repeat for me, too. I also really like “Portrait” and “Giving Me Life”…on first listen those were the ones that stood out. I may have to listen to the rest again because people seem to like “One Mo Gen” and “8th Grade”…

  3. I just put on twitter the other day how I was enjoying this album. I am always interested to hear what albums from older artists sound like. She did a good job of balance. This is definitely in rotation.

  4. Am I the only one who HATED this album. This album truly shows that Mariahs voice is all but gone. She ventured into this R&B/HIp-Hop lane because she had no choice. She’s literally whispering through damn near every song. Even the few ballads, which is usually her shining moments, were sub-par. I’ve wondered why for the past few years why she’s been lip synching for her life, and now its pretty much obvious. Seems like Toni is the only remaining diva from the 90’s who took proper care of her voice and still sound the same.

    1. You may be the only one who thinks this is new territory for Mariah. Ventured? She practically invented this style of r&b-hip hop. If anything its a throwback of Mariah nostalgia. To each his own…..

    2. No, you’re not. It’s her trying to remain relevant. I do agree that the voice is gone. A friend of mine said years ago that her trademark would be her downfall, and as she got older she wouldn’t be able to hit those high notes. He was right.
      I got to see her in concert back in the 90s, so I’m good. I wouldn’t pay to see her now though.
      But like daclassyman said, to each his own.

      Actually Toni and Celine took care of their pipes.

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