the children are starting to speak (kim porter)

the death of kim porter really saddened me.
even though she wasn’t a big public figure,
she was still a “someone” within the industry.
the out pouring of love and condolences have proved that.
i have not stopped thinking about it since.
she left behind 4 beautiful cubs in her sudden death:

nothing is worst than losing a mother at a young age.
i already know and wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.
well some of them started posting their tributes.
this is who had what to font on their instagram accounts…



…and even tho he isn’t her biological,
justin combs had something to font:

i think christian is too devastated to write anything.
as he shouldn’t.
i hate this narrative we need to post on social to show we care.

this was him at the memorial for kim at diddy’s house:

he looks devastated.
when my father passed,
i was sad and needed space for a while.
i had my mother and we leaned on each other.
when she passed,
i was way too suicidal to even function.
so you can imagine that i legit cried at all of this for them.
i hope they are surrounded by love and comfort.
they’ll find their peace in time.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “the children are starting to speak (kim porter)”

  1. That mural with the wings is FIRE! When I pass, I want something like that circulated. The melanin is POPPING with that family. I see her twins becoming models and snatching the Kardashian’s wigs as they’ll be legitimate. You guys can have Quntin and Justin.

    Christian is going to have every White girl in the world trying to be his Kim Kardashian.

    Such a good looking family. I just wish Diddy had kept his promise and married her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she died of a broken heart. To hold him down and have Cassie get the benefits, must have been rough.

    But one positive came of Diddy’s seed spreading. All of those kids have brothers and sisters to love them unconditionally. They will pull through this astronomical loss.

      1. Dirty Money – Coming Home Lyrics:

        “Another Keisha, nice to meet ya, get the math I’m gone
        What am I ‘posed to do when the club lights come on
        It’s easy to be Puff, but its harder to be Sean
        What if the twins ask me why I ain’t marry their mom (why, damn!)
        How do I respond?

        Baby we’ve been living in sin ’cause we’ve been really in love
        But we’ve been living as friends
        So you’ve been a guest in your own home
        It’s time to make your house your own”

        I remember back then thinking he’d follow through. 🙁

        Last Train To Paris was an underrated musical masterpiece. Each song felt like it was from a different era. Yet somehow the album was cohesive. He had GRACE JONES on there. I’ve been bumping that album all day.

        Does anyone remember her on Single Ladies? She was Lisa Raye’s enemy. If she was on Empire, I might have tuned in.

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