“how to make someone’s passing about you” taught by omari hardwick

i’ve fonted it quite a few times:

Omari Hardwick ain’t Ghost from “Power”

ghost made so many weird decisions before his death,
they might be one in the same.
omari had a very strange tribute for the late chadwick boseman…
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was it “motown” or “uptown”? (i’m confused)

when i think of motown,
i think of black soul.
a time when artists stood on a stage and sung.


they might have had background dancers,
doing one or two hand motions,
but it was all bout the voice.
motown reminds me of a happy time in my life.
when my parents were alive,
they would play those classics while cleaning or going somewhere in the car.
i often listen to the music to invoke those memories.
so when i heard jennifer lopez was performing a motown tribute at the grammys,
i knew it would NOT go well.
it didn’t…

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the children are starting to speak (kim porter)

the death of kim porter really saddened me.
even though she wasn’t a big public figure,
she was still a “someone” within the industry.
the out pouring of love and condolences have proved that.
i have not stopped thinking about it since.
she left behind 4 beautiful cubs in her sudden death:

nothing is worst than losing a mother at a young age.
i already know and wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.
well some of them started posting their tributes.
this is who had what to font on their instagram accounts…
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Is A Dragging For Christina Aguilera For Being “Whitney Houston” On The Table?

i don’t have cable,
but apparently,
this is the face most blacks folks are giving christina aguilera tonight.
she did the unthinkable

A Whitney Houston Tribute

this is what she did
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Laverne Cox Wears Celebrity Diva Drag

janet3janetjackson73665361024768-640x480janet jackson’s “janet” cover is what you call:


*joanne the scammer voice*

i couldn’t resist.
well laverne cox tried to re-create for cosmopolitan and well…
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Ya’ll Gonna Put Some Respeck on Madonna Name!

are ya’ll gonna let up dragging madonna to the white meat?
her tribute to prince last night at the billboard music awards was,
a mess.

i don’t think anyone appreciated what she did tho.
i’m sure prince did a couple turns in his urn.
i honestly expected her to be doing splits and shrieking to hades.
my expectations were already low as is.
why is this snow attentionista honoring a black artist?
one i don’t think allegedly liked her very much.

well madonna had something to say on ig and well…
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