Is A Dragging For Christina Aguilera For Being “Whitney Houston” On The Table?

i don’t have cable,
but apparently,
this is the face most blacks folks are giving christina aguilera tonight.
she did the unthinkable

A Whitney Houston Tribute

this is what she did


that was absolute terror at some parts.
i can deal with “i run to you”.
i will say i was more moved with her james brown tribute.

i feel like folks shouldn’t tackle:

maybe even beyonce at this point…

…on some “stick to the rivers and the lakes…” type of situation.
another um…

why does she look like that tho?
her head?
the lips?
the stomach?

i’m always confused at christina aguilera at this point.

lowkey: are there no black vixens who can sang anymore?

have they all vanished in the forests?
why are other folks always giving “us” tributes?
i feel like…
beyonce would need more security the street if she tackled adele.

Author: jamari fox

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25 thoughts on “Is A Dragging For Christina Aguilera For Being “Whitney Houston” On The Table?”

  1. Christina was a poor choice. She uses riffs and runs to hide flaws like an inability to hold long notes and hit high notes with proper placemenr.singing Whitney songs you can’t hide. Vocal flaws are exposed.

    1. Damn. You’re right. She can sing but is super rifty. And she got so thick. I thought she was sitting on a stool. They say the camera adds ten pounds. But how many cameras was on her? Shit.

  2. It’s always race over talent. Like Stephanie Mills said last week “They want R&B, they just dont want it from us.” Whitney at that point in her career was so vocally perfect from a technical aspect that any artist trying to emulate, is going to fall short. Throw in an artist(Christina) who has absolutely no vocal control and oversings as a habit, and the results are a shitty mess. Anyone attempting to tribute Whitney, and I pray there are no more, should reimagine the song and not try to copy her technique What also pisses me off so tremendously is how relevant black artist would rather sit through these boring, watered down, white-washed awards shows that barely recognize them or R&B for that matter, than attend the BET or Soul Train awards and add legitimacy and value again. I remember in the 90s, everyone who was anyone was at the Soultrain Awards. Now they throw it shade. Notice how there were literally NO BLACK performers this year at the AMAs? They dont give a damn about R&B until its time to ill conceive some horrid tribute to a black legend. I’m still pissed about that Prince tribute last year, then they come with this shit? I could have called a play-cousin, co-worker, or choir member who could have done better than that and Xtina could have rested her overwrought vocal cords.

    1. Whitney has always said, dont sing my songs like me. Sing my songs like you ala you will never be me, bitch!

      1. Yaaaas! Whitney would’ve slaughtered Christina. Well now she’s gone home, maybe
        The Legends Panel Whitney Houston would read the eyeballs out of Shriektina Agulesser LOL

    2. @caz…AMA’s are based on sales, unlike the Grammys. That’s why you had so many pop/white artists performing. The Diana Ross Lifetime Achievement performance was whack too. Kelly sang her ass off though, and not during that dull opening duet (sorry), but during her second performance. I do know this much…that show was a PRIME example of studio singers. Not many of the artists had strong voices at all.

      My question though….did Pink lipsync her song she performed on the side of the hotel? It sounded too perfect.

    1. White America been doing it for years. Once we invent something, they take it and make it “mainstream.” So now, while they’re doing it, we’re taking the White House and making it BLACK! (thank you Obama LOL)

  3. @marnold0h3 is Kelly Price, Deborah Cox( when was the last time she was a thing?) or any ” raised in the church” singers a big enough name right now to attract viewers for the AMA’s? Soul Train Awards sure, BET Awards maybe. Just like when the Grammy’s picked Beyonce to sing for Selma over Ledisi (who sang for the soundtrack and was in the movie) it’s that simple. I personally think while it wasn’t her best performance, it wasn’t bad as people are making it out to be. The Internets fake outrage, strikes again.

    I do agree certain songs of certain singers shouldn’t be touched, Whitney is one of them.

  4. I don’t want to watch the video but where was this Christina?


    Christina’s voice and image haven’t been the same for awhile now, she’ll release a song or two there and it doesn’t connect with people like her music used to. smh It’s a shame because while she can sing every song ain’t for everybody.

    Whitney Houston is so great and timeless that when other singers try to sing her songs I’m always comparing the voices and think it does’t match up. The only singer I can think of did a good job singing one of songs was Tamyra Gray sing I will Always Love You on some show back in the early 2000s.

  5. She need to be up there singing “Genie In a Bottle”, and wish that she had picked another tribute cause by the looks on those folks faces, she ain’t rubbed not one of them in the right way.

  6. NO ONE can do what Whitney and Mariah have done. Period!

    The talent pool just isn’t the same. Standards for successful singers took a steep decline after them.

    Just play their old performances lol

  7. I agree. There are some tributes that shouldn’t be attempted. Maybe back in her younger years, Christina may have been able to pull it off…but this was not a good attempt. She killed the James Brown tribute, but this one was not one of her best performances.

  8. That shit was terrible and it made Christina look basic as fuck….and she can actually sing. Her tone is too raspy for those type of ballets. If they wanted to White Wash a falling Black Diva’s tribute, they could’ve just got Celine Dion. I’m thinking no one wanted to touch Whitney’s music but Christina probably thought she could handle it. 😂

  9. She tried but….no. I’m a huge Whitney fan and that tribute was not good. I was also wondering why they didn’t have a black artist do the tribute. I’m guessing the name Christina Aguilera will bring in viewers unlike JHud or Fantasia? Either way the tribute wasn’t up to par

      1. Whitney had a fully developed head voice. She could go in an out without missing a beat and without losing powerful or volume. Christina’s head voice is light and thin. Thats one of the reasons why she shouldn’t have sing Whitney songs like Whitney.

  10. That song isn’t to be sang by no one but whitney but all that’s hip in black music is rap and it’s sad indeed

    1. SAY IT AGAIN!!! Honey Whitney was from another world b/c baby they don’t make voices like that. She was the greatest vocalist of ALL TIME and sung so effortlessly and made it look so easy and beautiful.

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