Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let Down Your Mouth On My Penis (Gloryhole)

males would do anything to get our dicks sucked.
i mean,
i’ve heard of alleys and random stalls in “planet fitness” bathrooms.
how about a window?
yeah a foxholer sent me the following.
as stated above,
this is a whole parental advisory

…is it the thrill?
i never understood the “gloryhole”.
i’d be scared some jackal would bite my dick off.
i guess everyone has their fetishes.
i did think this was hot tho…

…or maybe i just like ^that wolves in those videos?

videos cc: xtube

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let Down Your Mouth On My Penis (Gloryhole)

  1. Okay, before I go in on the videos, first let me say that the dark skinned chocolate man has a wonderful set of Pillsbury cocoa muffins. *Slap him in the butt*. The guy had a nice but also. But a window?
    Anddes love blowjobs. That’s just the nature of it.

    Two: Am I the only that finds glory holes disgusting. This gonna make me sound pretty shallow but the thought of sucking a random dick placed in a hole not knowing what it is attached to (what a guy looks like) is a deal breaker.

    Couple that with all these damn STIs you can catch, I’d be scared to suck or get sucked to begin with by a stranger through a hole & you know these dudes be sucking any and everybody. Mouth probably crawling with all kinds of wildlife.

  2. Man I had a dude hit me up about wearing a mask to do a video. I’m like damn, I didn’t know it was a trend.Now I guess i’ll be shopping for a Zoro mask. I’ve done glore at a dungeon behind a sex store and it wasn’t my thing. Having a wall and no visual stimulation is boring and weird!

  3. I’ve never understood glory holes either, for me if I’m giving neck I need to know what the guy’s loos that penis is attached to. not judging tho because with as horny as I can get I question my morals after awhile lol

  4. I’ve tried it before when I was wild.

    My knees buckled lol when I left I could hear dude saying how good my dick was lol

  5. Very nice arses on the guys, but the whole ‘gloryhole’ thing is a wonderful fantasy but not in any way a reality for me. The idea of putting my penis into a dark hole, not knowing what’s on the other side, fills me with horror!!!! All you need is for the person on the other side, to have that ‘tingle’ and you got herpes simplex for the rest of your life!!!!! No ‘nut’ is worth it. So I hope all these dudes are aware of the risks in the book stores, malls, truck stops etc.

  6. Lol everyone is acting like people you don’t get herpes from people in regular sexual activities.

    I mean it was a one time, bucket list thing for me, but considering how normalized raw sex has become with PREP with no regard to other stds and herpes I see a lot of faux outrage lol

    I haven’t come across many black men that give head with a condom either lol. Most suck you up in th dark, eat the nut and tell you what it tastes like 😂😂😂

    You can’t tell what someone has just by looking at them and most people don’t know they have herpes or an std because symptoms don’t show.

    Knew a guy that had syphillus for years and had no clue.

      1. LMAO! I bet!

        I’d decline if someone tried to do it mostly because I’m not going to get or stay hard just from that unless I’m super attracted to the person and we’re fucking too.

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