f0xmail: The State of All These Vixen Rappers In The Forests


Hey Jamari,

I love your blog, it keeps me going especially while I was in school. The stories of work and relationship keeps me alert and steadfast. Also, inspirational lessons we can all learn from is beneficial. I would like your opinion about the Nicki Minaj’s Paper magazine cover. I know Eve said something about on the talk


(SN: I think she going to be a wonderful host on the Talk). Remy & Kim had put out a video which is pretty dope. Cardi B is doing her think. I think there’s so much going on in the female rap game (good & bad) that it’s sorta refreshing. I believe that there’s so much talent in Hip-Hop among females that’s impossible to expose them all. For example: there’s KashDoll, Young MA, Snow tha Product, Rapsody, Tokyo Jetz, Lk-47, Dreezy, Kamaiyah., and also girls like Azeaila, Iggy, and Dej Loaf…there should be room. However, I just don’t believe that myth “One Sole Female MC”. I do believe in marketing, promotion, and having a strong, functioning team behind you. I mean these record labels aren’t putting money behind these females, until now. Think about it, Remy was so heavy about being “independent” yet she took a $10 million dollar deal with Colombia. That says something, because you need a record label to reach another level of success. These labels are now just now having a “light-bulb” going off about female rappers. You have Nicki, who is arguably the most successful female rapper…she’s a brand. She made the right, calculated moves to get to that point. Yet, all these other rappers and you can’t do the same (it’s the labels). For example, Iggy who had the #1 and #2 record at the time and yet she went under (other forces had something to do with that) plus T.I. left her high and dry.

I’m so sorry for the long tangent, but I would love your opinion. Keep doing your thing and stay bless and true.

Best Wishes


well thank you foxholer!
i appreciate it and appreciate you.

there are a ton of female rappers nowadays.
besides young ma,
i definitely was like “who?” on most of those names.
hip hop has always been a “wolf” club.
vixen rappers had to come hard to almost be initialed.
some of the pioneers are:

queen latifah
mc lyte
salt n pepa
yo yo
monie love

i’m from the era of:

lil kim
da brat
foxy brown
lauryn hill
missy elliott

some were independent and got on the strength of freestyle,
while others got on by the help of wolves who saw them as talented.
sexual or raw af,
all came at a time that they had to show their skills to even be taken seriously.

for this era,
i do think nicki is talented.
she has gotten on my nerves as of late tho.
i wasn’t sold until:

she has earned her stripes,
even if she is shady af to other vixen rappers who came before her.
one in particular…
she is getting humbled due to her alleged nasty attitude.
my issue is,
she has to result in doing this:

…and other attentionista tactics to be relevant.
i’ve yet to see how that “broke the internet”.
it seems so try hard.

remy tugged on her wig so now she seems lost af.
the other new batch of vixens who rap now,
in all honesty,
almost all them SUCK to me.
bey an rih flow better than some of them.
remy ma and azealia banks are the only ones i tolerate(d).
remy’s new song >>>>
using the “queen bitch” sample >>>>

iggy just wasn’t a good rapper at all.
i mean…

was she serious?
the fact folks are eating that up in the crowd<<<<<
this might get me in trouble,
but i’m not sold on cardi b yet.
one hit song doesn’t make me a fan.
ya’ll did this with iggy and “fancy”.
you see how she has turned out.
i didn’t get into cardi on lhhny so i’m seeing her from a “talent” perspective.
she is “aight”,
but “eh”.
not for nothing,
cardi is surviving on one hit right now.
i don’t ride dicks or clits until i’m moved to do so.
she seems like another “will this replace nicki minaj?” plant.
she has charisma tho,
i’ll give her that.

it’s always better to be independent.
you have your own rules without being controlled.
those 360 deals are a hot ass mess.
if you don’t pop,
you have to pay back alla that.
almost all of the vixens who rap now should stay independent.
there is a majority of “one hit wonders” whose stans will keep them afloat,
but they won’t move any records thus not making any money.
it’s hard to sell in today’s climate and you def need cross over appeal.
the 90s seemed like a better time to be a female lyricist.
…am i wrong?

i loved this email tho foxholer.
we shall see who will stand the test of time for a full legacy.
right now,
i’m not seeing anyone who catches my eye.

lowkey: i would love if these vixens would do something like this…



i loved the solidarity back then.
it seems like it’s every vixen for themselves.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “f0xmail: The State of All These Vixen Rappers In The Forests”

  1. The game has clearly changed over the years, and there is definitely less support amongst these artist than back in the 90’s when the rap game was popping for women. There is space for many to be successful, but I also think the fans play a big role in it as well. You know people have their picks and they will ride for them no matter what. Now my opinion on that magazine cover is that it is something that should have happened earlier in her career while she was younger and building, rather than now because I just think age wise she is too old for it.

    1. That magazine cover was nothing but a stunt to keep her name out there, like Kim K did.
      Musically, Nicki has crested and is on the way down/out. I never thought she really spit fire like most, but my favorite verse from her was in the “Hello, Good Morning” Remix. Outside of that, she never really impressed me. The big tits and fake ass overexposure never did it for me.
      There’s no one out there right now. Cardi B doesn’t even count, because that track is straight up garbage to me. People like it, and go crazy when it comes on, but I’m not one of them.

  2. Jamari, if you like that Remy Ma track, “You have no credibility!” (in my Auntie Maxine voice)

    That shit is terrible! You had a bomb ass sample and TWO artists and that was the best they could do? Kim sounds like a dying cat with that autotune and couldn’t even create a simple, catchy hook. Biggie must’ve really wrote her raps. Lol

    Plus Remy’s boring if she’s not talking about Nicki. Just being honest.

    Cardi B is likeable…but she’s a fad that’ll pass without reality television to carry her. Her record label is just squeezing as much money out of her popularity as possible until she stops selling then they’ll shelf her. She’s not lyrically inclined at all.

    Nicki needs to show she can carry a damn song on her own for once. NO DRAKE. NO WAYNE. Just her.

    Her cover does nothing for me, but if Kim were to do the same cover at 40 people wouldn’t have much to say.

    1. ^i’ll admit,
      kim sounds off.
      like is this a hook or a negro spiritual with that chant?
      i wish she would have did some kind of flow on the track.
      remy and her lyrics sounds good.
      track gets you hype.
      i don’t see an issue.

      remy needs to stop mentioning nicki,
      but let’s not act like she hasn’t had good bars on her own tracks sans this.
      let’s not act like “lean back” didn’t happen.
      or “all the way up”.
      or “conceited”.
      or her whole first album.
      she might not have the heavy charisma as the others,
      but she goes steps UP.
      she makes certain songs pop with other rappers.
      her bars on that new keyshia cole track was on point.
      maybe it’s a new yawk thing,
      but we fuck with her out here.
      i guess we “understand” her since she is a east coast vixen.
      i can see how she is boring for other states.

      as far as kim posing naked like nicki on that cover,
      at this age,
      IMMENSE side eye from me if that was gonna happen.
      it would look try hard.
      back in the 90s if she was to do it,
      it probably would have been ill.
      it was fresh and new.
      nicki has been wearing thin for a while now.
      her movement hasn’t been logical and she is getting wack.
      if she would have done it when she first came out,
      it would have been a better look.

      1. Kim is way past her expiration date.

        People seem to ignore all the stories from the prime bad boy era where people basically admit Biggie was writing her verses and Foxy had male rappers writing hers. Considering after Big died she just recycled his rhymes and her overall flow wasn’t as fluid I believe it.

        Remy is in the same boat as Nicki with less success. They’re not able to hold a whole song on their own. They’ll never be REALLY respected in hip hop until they do.

        That’s part of the reason Cardi was successful. People thought “the audacity of this bitch to do a record with no male rapper and no singer on the hook”.

        Who else has done that you can remember being successful besides Missy?

        Nicki just needs a better vision for her career. She’s always been all over the place music and image wise. I’m just glad she toned down on the corny outfits and wigs and tutus.

        She needs to decide if she’s going to go the more pop route like her biggest his Superbass or be a feature artist like she’s been doing the past three years or actually make a decent hip hop record without relying on drake or meek mill or Wayne on half the tracks lol

        1. ^like the alleged kim rumors,
          “safaree” was nicki saving grace.
          she needed him because i haven’t been impressed with her records outside of their magic.
          she is lost because she went pop,
          decided to over-extend her cocky,
          got exposed by remy,
          and now wants to prove what a “bad bitch” she is.
          the music went secondary to this.

          kim is pretty much done.
          she isn’t the same and her older stans are holding onto the good days.
          ive come to accept she is done. LOL

          no one gives missy any kinds of props.
          it’s almost insulting to me.
          i have every missy record,
          and remix.
          im a bigger fan of hers than kim.

      2. That’s part of the reason Cardi was successful. People thought “the audacity of this bitch to do a record with no male rapper and no singer on the hook”.

        Lets be real…the reason she was successful is because of LHH. Hoodrats ate that wack shyt up because of her being on the show.

        Who else has done that you can remember being successful besides Missy?

        I would say Eve.

  3. The state of rap period right now is boring but when it comes down to female rap labels, fans, and just society as a whole are much tougher on them then their male counterparts . These labels see the success of Nicki and want their female rapper to do and be the same, it’s kinda like the beyonce effect (after B’s solo venture hit it big every other new black singer after had honey blonde/ brown weave and catchy music and looks similar to her).

    I’m not the biggest fan of Nicki but do like her music here and there. A big part of Nicki’s success is the fact that her features are good, she’s able to come on a song and make it better with her lyrics. (I think she overthinks when it come to her own music) There is also her appeal to men and females, she’s light skin, thick in the right places, and pretty to where men want her and girls want to be her. plus she has a pretty huge young gay black male fan base.

    While I’m huge fan of lil kim (her first album is one of my fave rap albums male or female) I think she needs to stop messing with her legacy.

    with Remy nothing she releases sounds current or is able to have an impact, her nicki diss did that but before and after that it’s been a no go. and I like remy.

    with Cardi I dug Bodack when it first came out and while I’m happy for her instant success I hope the album is good at least where he can get 2 or 3 hot singles from it. To be honest if she plays it right with features and a single or two she could have a Nicki like career. ( not saying that’s a good or bad thing )

  4. I love remy ma and leikeli 47. Those two are raw and real! I was so done with Nicki after she put up her house for her pedo brother’s bail. The only people who stan for her are dumb gay men who for some reason love to sexualize women under the guise of women’s liberation. If you still stan Nicki after all that BS you are disgusting.

  5. Most of those “current” females that were named are boring af. TBH female rappers nowadays are boring as hell.

    I like Nicki and I like her music but yes you can tell she is dying for a solo hit at this point. She’s using all of her features and magazine covers or whatever stunts she pulls on Instagram to kill time while her team go digging for new potential singles because let’s be real, this year hasn’t been kind to her. I feel like her next album is her make or break era, she either has an album full of gems and recovers from the public beatings she’s taken this year or she releases an album full of typical generic stuff that she’s done before and it tanks. It’s crunchtime for her, and tbh with her cockiness, I think people are waiting to see her fail. Either way, I’ll listen to the album.

    Cardi, I like Bodak Yellow & Washpoppin. I don’t care for her other music and only like about two of her features on other songs. I think her delivery is quite off-putting and it’s CLEAR that sis has a ghost writer. Compare her songs from her mixtapes to her features on Motorsport & No Limit. I’m still on the fence with Cardi but I will listen to her album once she releases it. That’s when I’ll have my verdict because right now it seems like she lacks versatility and just looks like a puppet behind pushed by her label/team to dethrone Nicki Minaj. She is like a Nicki caricature at this point. Funny enough, that’s how many Kim fans viewed Nicki lol, but it worked for her.

    Remy is boring. Yeah I said it. That song with Kim was horrendous, the fact that you used an OLD SCHOOL instrumental from 20+ years ago and can’t deliver? Tragic. And as a comment above said, Remy is failing to stay current. She clearly released Shether because she wanted attention since nobody bought her joint album with Joe and it backfired on her. Nobody cares about what she has to say unless she’s talking about Nicki. And her music has never been good in general. Good lyricist? YES 100% but these days you don’t need lyrics to pop. Her quality of music has always been weak.

    Kim… LOL sis need to hang it up. She is playing herself at this point. Ever since she played with her face, her music quality has dwindled. She’s the opposite of Remy tho, Kim is trying hard to sound like the Migos and it’s not working for her. Sis, you are over 40, NOBODY over 30 should be trying this new school autotune & mumble rap stuff. It only works for rappers of my generation (90s+ born). When you have a catalogue full of classics then what do you have to prove by attempting to dumb down your music to appease to younger audiences? It won’t work ma, the youngins don’t see her and never will, in fact most of them laugh at her. Her time has passed.

    I have nothing to say for these other rap chicks…. Simply not interested. I listened to RAPSODY’s album on spotify when I was in the gym though & sis got bars. She doesn’t have the mainstream appeal but she doesn’t need it, she works well where she is and I fxcks with that. It’s like women have to be NICKI clones to get mainstream success & it’s gotten boring at this point. When you look at all of these aspiring rappers on Love & Hip Hop, they ALL look & rap the same. Cardi was the only one who lucked up.

  6. Azealia Banks pretty much said that Safaree is all hype and she ended up writing hers and his part for a collaboration they did. Now Banks is bat shit crazy but I believe her. I believe Safaree can freestyle his ass off and he helped write some Nicki punchlines, but he’s no top notch ghostwriter people make him out to be.

    Nicki is just full of herself and her verses lose their impact because she’s featured on soooo many songs. She has to be more selective in the songs she jumps on.

    1. ^maybe he didn’t work well with azealia as he did with nicki?
      they did grow up together and knew each other good.
      safaree is not really my top pick to be a solo artist,
      but he came off instrumental in creating some of nicki’s best flows.
      it still hasn’t been matched since.

      my favorite was how many times she tried to rhyme chyna LOLOLOL!!

  7. What do people think the cover was supposed to be like? Mind you, she is a female rapper with no kids that talks about eating, sucking, and everything sexual related. Also, this magazine is know for it’s raunchy, over the top covers. Y’all hated this but loved Kim K..hmmm. Also, for the people saying she is told old, she just doing things to stay relevant, and keep her name out there. I would like for you to answer the following questions
    1. What are you saying to Lil Kim who is 50, and still talking about fucking, sucking, and pussy squirting?
    2.What did you think Remy was doing when she called out Nicki? If you don’t think that was to get her name out there, because that Fat Joe collabo didn’t sell your fooling yourself.
    3. What are you saying to Remy, because every time she pops up she’s wearing less and less clothing?

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