Russell Simmons, His Alleged “Jackal Pack”, and The Kumbaya Email

the cards are all crashing down.
who knew one jackal would cause alla this to happen?
so we’lll get into ^that in a sec.
it ties together nicely later.

as i fonted to you before,
terry crews had ( x his own story about sexual harassment ).
sidebar: aunt wendy pissed me off with this about him…

not for nothing,
i don’t think you’re brave staying with your philandering hyena of a husband.
we letting you cook with your truth and you should let terry with his.
i mean…

anyway when you go about a take down of a hyena or jackal,
you’ll have many that will be against you.
they tend to have a lot of friends or stans.
some who will beg you to “lightening up” your paw on their neck.
uncle russ,
aka russell simmons,
allegedly wanted terry to lighten his paw on the neck of on the accused,
adam venit.
terry blasted an alleged email sent by russell on his twitter via vix-bi

“did he ever apologize.
give the agent a pass…”

i’d be up-fuckin-set if i got an email like that.
someone tried to steal my foxhole and i need to forgive?
if that is true,
russell should be ashamed of himself.
now this is where that picture above comes in at.
adam may have been in a special “jackal club” like brett ratner.
brett is russell’s protege.
according to the la times:

Keri Claussen Khalighi was a 17-year-old fashion model from a farm town in Nebraska when she met Brett Ratner and Russell Simmons at a casting call.

Ratner was an up-and-coming music video director and a protege of Simmons, the Def Jam Recordings mogul. They took Khalighi to dinner one night in 1991 at Mr. Chow in New York, and then back to Simmons’ apartment to show her a music video they’d been working on.

Quickly, Simmons began making aggressive sexual advances, yanking off her clothes, Khalighi said.

“I looked over at Brett and said ‘help me’ and I’ll never forget the look on his face,” she recalled. “In that moment, the realization fell on me that they were in it together.”

Khalighi said that Simmons, who was then about twice her age, tried to force her to have intercourse. “I fought it wildly,” she said. He eventually relented and coerced her to perform oral sex, she alleged. “I guess I just acquiesced.”

Ratner, meanwhile, “just sat there and watched,” she said.

Feeling “disgusting,” Khalighi said she went to take a shower. Minutes later, she alleged, Simmons walked up behind her in the shower and briefly penetrated her without her consent. She said she jerked away, then he left. “It hurt so much.”

In a statement, Simmons, 60, strongly disputed her account. “Everything that occurred between Keri and me occurred with her full consent and participation,” he said. Much of the two days and one night he spent with her, he said, was with other people, or in public. Ratner had “no recollection” of Khalighi asking him for help and denied witnessing her “protest,” his attorney Martin Singer said.

Ratner has also disputed the accounts of four other women who accused him of sexual misconduct in this story and a previous report by The Times that included the claims of six others, among them actresses Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge.

Since that Nov. 1 report, which detailed allegations of harassment, groping and forced oral sex, additional women contacted The Times about Ratner, who has directed, produced or financed successful films including “Rush Hour,” “The Revenant” and “Horrible Bosses.

In several of the accounts, the women said that Ratner, 48, surrounded himself with powerful friends, including Simmons and filmmaker James Toback, who, while sharing Ratner’s playboy lifestyle, have also been accused of engaging in sexual misconduct. Those friendships, some women said, enabled inappropriate behavior within the group, sometimes by active participation and in other cases by simply providing venues for incidents to take place.

These men and other older, controversial Hollywood friends — including producer Robert Evans and filmmaker Roman Polanski — have served as father figures to Ratner, who had a distant relationship with his late dad. Evans, the former Paramount Pictures production chief who was convicted of trafficking cocaine, explained his relationship with Ratner in a 2007 Vanity Fair story: “I was his Hollywood father. I don’t know whether I should be proud of that or not.”

i’m shocked these allegations were by a male for russell.
allegedly fonting,
of course.

i have a question for the foxhole.
i’m going to try and word it the best way i can.

How do we know most of these stories are true?

some seem legit by the details,
but others,
i dunno…
are these tales of sexual harassment or…

“I did something because I was promised a part and I gave head/fucked for nothing?
So I’m gonna join in on this so I can get my retribution…”

i mean,
let’s be real here.
plenty of folks,
both female AND male,
have used the casting couch to get ahead.
some are fucked twenty ways til sunday in hopes of being a breakout star.
some are chosen; others are ghosted.
some had what it took; others were just conquests.
i’m not deny most are telling the truth,
but how do we know which ones are telling the truth?
anyone can say they were sexually harassed,
when the story went another way or they never even met the accused before.
in a scandal,
“everyone” has a story,
either real or “now is my chance to get my fifteen minutes”.

lowkey: it would be a shame if russell’s legacy goes down for this triflin behavior.
i’ve heard he likes to allegedly party tho.
especially in alleged groups with the lights off.

article cc: latimes

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Russell Simmons, His Alleged “Jackal Pack”, and The Kumbaya Email”

  1. Hollywood is one big cesspool! I applaud Terry for speaking out, but I’m thinking that with all of these celebrities coming forward will it do any good, these are very powerful men. Wendy needs to shut her trap, with her cheating ass husband. We all know Eddie Murphy freaky as hell, Terry’s star has shown brightly too, he kept his mouth closed long enough to get many movie and television roles.

  2. He probably did it if I’m not mistaken didnt he mess with kimora lee when she was underaged but she stayed with him I believe these people

  3. So he doesn’t dispute having sex with a 17 year old he is just saying he didn’t coerce her,that it was consensual.Russel is a creep who starting hitting on Kimora when she was 14 or 15.He may have waited until she was 17 to actually have sex with her.He is 60 still dating young women who are a few years older than his teenage daughters.As for telling Terry to give him a pass,I wonder if he would tell his daughter who is a model to give an agent a pass if he grabbed her by the genitals😺

    I don’t think many of these men or women are lying.They can’t sue or file charges in most of these cases because of statue of limitations.And most of them are getting threats or backlash,even Terry Crews.He left his talent agency because they weren’t supportive.I’m waiting to see the impact this has on his career.

    As for Wendy she needs to focus on her husband who is flaunting his mistress and making her look like Boo Boo the Fool.

  4. I mean I’ve been expecting this but it’s not like it is a secret that Hollywood is casting couch for hopefuls looking for their big break.

    There was rumor or such in which Marilyn Monroe made a statement of something like, ” If you only knew how many dicks I had in my face to get to where I am today.” or something like that.

    Also, what’s important is that these celebs be trying to do something to prevent the many cases of men and women, boy and girls who continue to be “abused”. Not to sound mean but these cases are over and done with it. There needs to be someone breaking all this up right now in the present, not just in Hollywood but outside of it too. The human trafficking and organ trade is a serious problem that no one seems to font too loudly about. (And I hear Black people’s organs are at a higher value than others.)

    There are a lot of rumors in “Hellywood”. All the Satanic worshipers, gay and straight orgies, the celeb and musician “sacrifices”….blah…blah..etc

    It happens in the music industry too as well all know.

    R:Kelly is a prime example with a loooooong history. I do believe he dated/married Aaliyah or something like that when she was clearly bordering the underage line..I’m not to sure though..

    Y’all don’t know what y’all favorite stan’s have done to make it where they are today, whether it be Beyonce’ (who is a good entertainer) or that weird sounding illusionist Cardi B.

    A lot of folks be thinkin God be blessing some of these ppl “rise” to fame and be real quick to defend them. It’s to the point of sheer idolization to attack any one that has an opinion about their favorite, who they DONT even know personally (I’m talking about grown men and women @ that).

    The entertainment world is dog eat dog, we all know that…and I know any Foxholers on here that are entertainment enthusiast know what’s up too. How “hard” it is to get that big break. If you get outta line, Hollywood has a way of making you “disappear” though.

  5. Here’s another question. Why is the question, “how do we know most of these stories are true”, being asked now (if it’s the first time)? Is it because the accused is Black, alla Russ, that suddenly we voice doubt?

    Not coming at you Jamari, but do you feel that some in our community are too quick to dismiss when the defendant is black. While if it was a white person, there’s more ease in believing.

  6. This case has pass it’s statue of limitation. Gurl bye, now all the sudden you want to whistle blow and be another poster child victim

  7. First of all let me say, I have turned into a Jammy Stan LoL, Bro I love your perspective on things, you got me out here doing hella research about that Scorpio thing you talked about, I love Astrology and I have been telling all my friends about this info you dropped on us.

    I had a friend whose child went to Hollywood this summer with hopes of making it and getting signed to a record deal. He has come back home weary and in shocked when we tried to tell him up front all that glitters aint gold. He told his family that if they only knew what goes on out there they would keep their kids away from all your favorite entertainers. He has met a lot of industry people and told of how disgusting they are and how the people out there will do anything for a deal and he said anything. He did not know that it was so many non suspecting gay dudes in the entertainment industry being that he is young and Str8 and thinks that most gay dudes are flamboyant. He was shocked when a so called Str8 Black Record Executive told him that he would sign him if he would sleep with him. He is so disillusioned with the entertainment business that he may actually do what his parents wanted him to do in the first place and that is go to school and get a degree. He admitted he was so naive thinking that the people he met had his best interest and were really looking out for him and they only wanted what he could give them at the moment. He said he never knew all the teachings he learned growing up and having a spiritual foundation would be his saving grace that stop him from doing things he knew were not right.

    I guess Russell should be glad all his Boy stories haven’t hit the press yet, but 2018 may prove to have some scandals that will make these scandals look like Sunday School lessons.

    1. Did he gave any names, bc hell I want to be noisy af and know who’s who. lol Russell has alway fucked with young ass girls. Hell wasnt Kimora young af when he started humping her? Russell is known to like the boys as well.

  8. I dont think a lot of these stories are true. Just hoes trying to cash in on the #MeToo movement. And its a damn shame bc it takes away from the real victims.

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