Russell Simmons, His Alleged “Jackal Pack”, and The Kumbaya Email

the cards are all crashing down.
who knew one jackal would cause alla this to happen?
so we’lll get into ^that in a sec.
it ties together nicely later.

as i fonted to you before,
terry crews had ( x his own story about sexual harassment ).
sidebar: aunt wendy pissed me off with this about him…

not for nothing,
i don’t think you’re brave staying with your philandering hyena of a husband.
we letting you cook with your truth and you should let terry with his.
i mean…

anyway when you go about a take down of a hyena or jackal,
you’ll have many that will be against you.
they tend to have a lot of friends or stans.
some who will beg you to “lightening up” your paw on their neck.
uncle russ,
aka russell simmons,
allegedly wanted terry to lighten his paw on the neck of on the accused,
adam venit.
terry blasted an alleged email sent by russell on his twitter via vix-bi
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