Terry Crews and The Hollywood Exec Who Wanted To Play With His Balls

 i knew an up and coming r&b singer wolf that was lured by a producer.
this was like in 2012-13 or so when we had this conversation.
he told me that he got a text asking to come to a hotel one night.
it was to discuss songs or something,
but within the conversation,
it turned into a “give me a massage” situation.
i don’t why massages are the pervert pick up line.
either way,
he gave the massage in hopes of getting his big break.
that is to say,
it’s not just vixens who experience this.
males are also sexually harassed and propositioned for roles.
actor wolf,
terry crews,
broke the lid off the days events with his confessions.

this is what he said happened on twitter


just straight up had no fucks to give and grabbed his dick.
with terry’s wife there too???
 terry does fit most of the “bbc fantasies”:

i’m sure there are many other males who experienced more,
if not worse,
than what terry tweeted.
i know all the males you see as eye candy,
or labelled “sex symbols”,
have a story.
we’ll see who is brave enough to share with the rest of us.
stay tuned.

lowkey: this harvey weinstein scandal might have led many to exposure.

19 thoughts on “Terry Crews and The Hollywood Exec Who Wanted To Play With His Balls

  1. This man is opening up about being sexually assaulted and some of y’all are up in the comments making jokes about it!?! This is why victims don’t come forward, especially if they’re both black and male. Someone’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with them being sexually assaulted, so whether he’s DL or not is irrelevant. Y’all need to sit the fuck down somewhere

    1. Oh dry up…Im well aware…and I digress but he’s still getting roles and $$. His confession is not on that level. Most of us have been there…I got the T-shirt and therapy to prove it. ..my apologies.

    2. He’s right. His story and truth shouldn’t be belittled or downplayed because of him being a straight black male that is married and attractive. Terry put this story out there to highlight that sexual assault and harrasment isn’t only a issue native to women. Men go through it too. Let’s try to be a little bit more understanding.

  2. Everyone “ole school” and DL sports fans know Terry is screaming “power bottom…c’mon now…lol

  3. I still believe something happened between Tyler Perry and that guy who was stalking him a couple of years ago.I may be wrong but I think something fishy was going on.But I think Tyler likes the light skinned pretty boys.Also Bryan Singer likes teenage boys.The casting couch exists for men in Hollywood and the Music Industry.

      1. Right, Jamari!! and not to mention the big music producers/executives who do it to women AND men. Some of it is welcomed…some isn’t. You know..as far as we’ve seen tho…the minorities may; go to court, possibly jail, or lose career moves but the white ones become president, right?…right. Smh lol

    1. Y,

      Its sad how they protected Singer due to X-Men, it is not that serious and it was children that were allegedly hurt by him. People fail to realize how abuse can affect a person leading to crime, drugs, or suicide.

      1. They don’t care about kids!!! Look at the different stroke kids, the Two Corey’s or alot of the child actors in Hollywood. They use the babies as “Party Favors”! It’s a sick sad world.

      2. First off Bryan Singer hasn’t done much for the X-men franchise anyway!

        None of those movies are classic to me.

        An avid comic book geek could’ve done better.

    2. I believe that Tyler story too. How convenient for him to have a “stalker” who happened to be a handsome muscular black man. I think they had sex or something and the guy didn’t get anything in return.. Super messed up.

  4. J, I heard its called the Gay Mafia and the most notable one is Mr.Benny Medina. I almost met the dude and maybe will in the future. These executive sure have a leverage of pulling the strings on careers and scary. Im surprised Terry wife didn’t beat his ass up and I wonder if she though it was some bro straight code just like in sports. I know Terry is eye candy with muscles for days but wheres the self control and I hope this executive knew that there are men that sell themselves and available with just a click of a mouse.

      1. Tyler Perry wouldn’t be that bold, but Lee Daniels would try that shit!

        It could’ve been a white person but no one immediately comes to mind and Terry hasn’t had any breakout roles in big film I know of.

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