These Are The Lovely Street Walkers Draining Nutsacks in Newark; NJ

i guess looks really don’t matter.
my eyes have been opened to who gets dick nowadays,
especially the ones that are paid.
street walkers are still hot in demand!
i know it’s all:


…and i get that.
sometimes ya’ll can’t be picky with who you pipe.
well a vix-bi sent me 6 she-jackals who got arrested for sex work.
this all happened in newark; nj and well…

let’s get into the article

Authorities in Newark reports that members of the Newark Police Division’s Special Enforcement Bureau arrested six individuals, including one from out of town, for prostitution and soliciting on Sunday, October 8th.

Police said in response to quality of life complaints in the areas of Mulberry Street, Scott Street, Orchard Street and Camp Street, detectives conducted an operation in which the six individuals were arrested.

Those arrested and charged with Prostitution and Soliciting Prostitution from Newark, are: Remones McDaniel, 29; Dorell Korngay, 19; DeShawn Washington, 26, and Zyquan R. Twitty, 20. These individuals were also wanted on outstanding warrants and charged with Contempt of Court.

Yusef Husdon 26, of Newark and Derrick Benson, 25, of Hamburg, were also arrested and charged with Prostitution and Soliciting Prostitution.

These arrests are due to the public’s involvement in alerting us to criminal activity occurring in their neighborhoods,” Director Ambrose said. “Our partnership with our citizens is one of our greatest assets. We will continue to respond to and answer citizen complaints while enforcing the law.”

These charges are merely accusations.

Each suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

one of them looks like that demon from the “it” movie:

i wonder what her price was?

article cc: rlsmedia

70 thoughts on “These Are The Lovely Street Walkers Draining Nutsacks in Newark; NJ

  1. Brent,

    I am COMPLETELY AM DONE WITH YOUR DAMN RANTS! This is really getting out of hand and you have been posting on posts about interracial relationships and then on trans people as well. I have said that I didn’t want to argue, but YOU out here trying to get Jamari blacklisted like he’s a major celebrity or something! He’s not B. Scott or any other black gay blogger that is major like that. If you don’t like what he’s doing, LOG OFF YOU CRAZY ASS BITCH! And then you’re a shady ass bitch to tell me that im in in a dark miserable lonely place?! Like you are really beyond fucked up! My heart is beating super fast because I’m that fucking pissed off at you and plus you CONSTANTLY ATTACK THE MAN’S CHARACTER AND HIS LIFE! That’s bullying and I hate bullies! I know he can stand for himself but BITCH YOU AND I HAVE BEEF! You are an ugly human being! You celebrating victims who do criminal acts! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? You need a chill pill and go somewhere being shady evil ridiculous messy childish and ratchet! I’ve said that we can talk off of here but no you want to troll. You are an ugly ass grumpy troll that lives under the damn bridge who worships satan and is possessed! I bet you look like a damn tranny gremlin from the movie “Gremlins” you punk ass bitch! I’m through with Brent “Gremlin Troll” Christopher! Oh yeah, now you can see my avatar as a black man who is ugly but IDGAF!

  2. is you mad or naw…you cant praise one part of the community and then attack a member of the same community using language like effeminate sissy queen… where they do that at?! give it a rest and calm ya puss…

  3. See when the Trans dick is too good, it will have you running up and down the blawgs ready to fight. Which one dick you down, Brent?

  4. Ms Brent is back at it again LMAO! If it isn’t a transgender post then it’s an anti-interracial post. Chile I can’t keep up.. Good sis needs some dick, she seem stressed. Relax Brentina, the world is still orbiting.

    1. This bitch told me i was in a dark miserable lonely place based on my fucking comments! Oh this troll done fucked up now! I got my holy water and my peace maker! That demon troll better say a prayer!

    2. She can’t! She’s triggered. She’s bothered. She can’t take living in this world. She hates America, but won’t leave to go to another country because they’ll kill her quick.

  5. My question is if you know they are discriminated against and can’t find any other job besides selling their bodies, why aren’t all these career oriented, degreed, well to do gay men that worship them so much not hooking them up where they work?

    A lot of y’all would rather facilitate them continuing sex work risking their safety and breaking the law and then want to write long statuses on social media when something happens🤷🏾‍♂️

    Sounds like fake caring to me where you don’t have to really do anything.

    1. You shouldn’t assume anything. As gay men we should support each other. I can’t speak for those men with degrees because that ain’t me hunny. I work as a server for a living the most I can do is put in a good word for you at my or the mcdonalds my friend manages. If I could help I would but just because I can’t provide you with a job to keep you off the streets does not mean I can’t support by spreading awareness about what goes on in these streets hoping that maybe the right kind hearted person will see what’s discussed and decide to help in any way they can. Also a degree don’t mean a damn thing honey. As a server I make more then some with degrees. Not to mention I have my bachelor’s for creative writing and you where I’m at. A degree don’t make you special or above others. It gives you the one thing no one can take from you and that’s an education. You better get you some while college is free in NYC.

  6. I get what Brent is trying to do here but his approach is simply wrong. I would say hey be a little less harsh when talking about these women because as a gay person you know we all face enough hardships in life from our hetero counterparts and I get what you are saying about being criminals but it is really hard for Trans women to find jobs. There is so much discrimination and scrutiny they have to face even when they do get the jobs. Many Trans ppl here in RVA sell their bodies and it’s so sad because they just want to be themselves and earn a living just like the rest of us. So I will personally that you try to be a little less harsh but at the end of the day I can only express my concerns and hope you understand but it’s YOUR blog and you may do as you please with it.

    1. ^jimmy,

      this is respectful and i appreciate what you said.
      thank you for being mature enough to respond without name calling and ignorance.
      i understand fully what YOU said.
      there is a way to talk to people and you know how to do it.

      1. Why thank you very much. And I absolutely agree. I use to be Brent I use to always be on MTO and Bawsip defending gay ppl until I was burnt out and finally realized my problem in life has always been me being completely in the right but being a banshee about how I present myself and that’s where one goes wrong and also having to realize no matter how hard you try some ppl will never get it and it’s to no fault of their own. We are all products of our environment and can’t help the way we operate. Someone is always going to see how we shake and move as wrong. Especially as gay black men we know this better than anyone some of us just need help getting to the light at the end of Harriet Tubmans tunnel lol. P.s. Love your blog.

  7. Remones looks like she is in her late 40s early 50s. Did her customer saw here in the light first or was it in the dark? Brent out here defending criminals. Brent, get some help son. Acting unhinged on the web isn’t a good look at all.

    With all the shit you accuse Jamari of, where are you STILL here? Shows you CLEARLY have an agenda.

  8. OMG. I go on my lunch and see 30+ messages and I was like wow this topic is Poppin. When I come in here it is just beyond belief. Mr. Brent you shave definitely been rubbed the wrong way. I’m not a veteran Jamari follower but he doesn’t single out trans individuals for the sake of being evil. He also posts about many other things with Str8 dums dums, crazy snow foxes and Hood rat shit.

    I think he even made a post in the past praising B. Scott and everything. Are you transitioning and feel he is picking at you or something? You really are taking this way too personal.

    I don’t think anyone here hates transwomen or men, as far as I know.

    Take a deep breath and calm down. These individuals got caught doing wrong and got thrashed for it.

    1. And yes, they do look bad but it’s not picking on them, it’s the truth. It’d be the same for straight and gays alike.

  9. He’s clearly unhinged. Lol

    I’m not an advocate for transgenders, but I am definitely one for Mental Health.

    Get some help. I can see you in some basement vigorously typing statements no one cares about while “Stan” plays in the background.

    1. @Jay….CLEARLY! Lmao
      He hittin up those people like they give two fucks about him or whatever he’s reporting. They’ll probably think he needs help, which from the rants he’s posted repeatedly, makes me think the same.

  10. The first one has a permanent cry face lmaooo

    Some will still swear these a women with those strong, unfortunate faces and wigs lol

    1. ^i can understand if I was being a dick to a young cub who wants to transition.
      they may have gotten some bad surgery and im being an asshole about it.
      brent going going hard for some low hanging criminals.
      legit mug shots and central bookings.

      brent wouldn’t help them with their surgeries tho.
      he wouldn’t trust them with his wallet either.
      me tho…
      jamari is the beast from the under the bed.

      1. you are an immature child whose blessings are already being BLOCKED. because someone is a prostitute, they are also automatically a thief? you have not at all experienced real life. MY HEART WARMS EVERY TIME you come on here crying and weeping about your pathetic financial woes, your non existent love life and your absent family support. you are pathetic and this is why you will NEVER exist beyond a few instagram male CRIMINALS giving you lame ass shout outs on their online escort pages, i.e. Instagram and Snapchat. LOSER!

      2. I agree Jamari!
        I read the first sentence of his first comment🤔…then scrolled through the rest of his comments😂…it’s tooo early in the morning for all this foolishness geesh!

  11. I just forwarded screenshots of your “DEMON” comparison to Ceasar Will of BRTB, Lee Daniels, Miss. Lawrence and Sidney Starr. I am also emailing Word Press so that this website is pulled from their hosting channels for derogatory content. This is cyber bullying. This is transphobia. This is HATE towards the transgender community.

    You can tell or share a story without making fun of a segment of individuals whose hardships you will never understand.

    I see now why God and the universe makes it so difficult for you to maintain full time employment or for you to find real romantic love.

    I don’t know how old you are, but you have so much to learn! If the individual isn’t muscle bound and “pretty” in appearance, you automatically go on the ATTACK. I cannot believe this!

    1. ^you are having a whole breakdown over CRIMINALS.
      now even law abiding citizens.
      people that would probably come in your home and steal all your shit.
      im the problematic one tho.

      get the fuck outta here.

      1. you are an immature child whose blessings are already being BLOCKED. because someone is a prostitute, they are also automatically a thief? you have not at all experienced real life. MY HEART WARMS EVERY TIME you come on here crying and weeping about your pathetic financial woes, your non existent love life and your absent family support. you are pathetic and this is why you will NEVER exist beyond a few instagram male CRIMINALS giving you lame ass shout outs on their online escort pages, i.e. Instagram and Snapchat. LOSER!

  12. I have just DM’d Janet Mock on Twitter and have messaged Jacob Kohinoor on YouTube with a link to this article. I cannot wait until the mass public sees how you are vilifying and demonizing trans women, sex work and other trans struggles. You CANNOT post articles like this here on the World Wide Web and think it is okay to attack the physical appearance of an entire disenfranchised group. It is NOT okay! You will NOT get away with this.

    1. It’s called the Internet, people can post whatever the fuck they want to on their page! If you don’t like the content, it’s simple…stay off the site. Sob story or not, there are ways to overcome obstacles besides prostitution. Something is wrong with you. You lurk and spit venom unnecessarily. President Trump is attacking a disenfranchised group, as you put it. Go after him also!

      And who the fuck is Laverne Cox?! She/He is a hop, skip, and a jump from being cast out of Hollywood! Your Imma run tell schtick needs work baby boy (or girl).
      You acting like trans folk have power. They’re in the same boat as gay/bi/lesbian folks…fucked! Lol

  13. I am forwarding this blog post to Kid Fury, Crissle, Dustin Ross, B. Scott, Funky Dineva, Amiyah Scott, Xem VanAdams, Laverne Cox and every other major LGBT personality on the web. I am having you blacklisted. You are transphobic! I am right now posting this on Facebook as well so people can begin sharing and showing your public hatred towards trans women. You will NEVER receive sponsorship or support once I am done with you and posting this link EVERYWHERE. You will be vilified for your ignorance and prejudice.

    1. Jamari can you blocked this Lil Bitch ISP and make him stop posting….hes probably one of the Hit Trannies being post about

    2. SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH! I bet you wont fight Jamari or even me in the streets bitch! Cash me outside how bout dat hoe! I’ll show you what HATRED is! I bully bullies like you bitch!

  14. I honestly cannot believe that after everything I have tried to teach you and bring to your attention, that you are STILL vilifying transgender women here on your blog! How dare you attack her physical appearance of black trans women who do not have the means to afford surgeries that would soften their outer appearance. This is truly truly DISGUSTING! If you knew the real STORY of LOLA EBONY, you would not at all have made that very evil and vile comparison here on your website. I am truly saddened and disheartened by your ignorance and I’ll treatment of trans women.

    1. You’re ignorant for even going off on a damn post! Have you ever heard of first amendment and freedom of speech? Plus, take a fucking chill pill or even smoke some weed to calm down!

  15. Wow it’s a sad life sometimes…. Real talk though I wonder why they still selling it on the corner with the internet being a viable tool? I mean I know they got phones. Set up an ad or something cause the corner are dangerous to your freedom and your life!

  16. Personally I don’t think it would ever be dark enough, or I would ever be horny enough to shag any of them.

  17. If this does not look like a Promo for an episode of “When Bad Wigs Happen to Good People” I just have no words for this right now, and J your side by side of Remones and her twin has taken me all the way out tonight. I guess we can file this under “When Tricking Goes All the Way Wrong” I am calling for us all to lift these wigs up in prayer. Please somebody find the mugshots of the customers arrested who paid for these services, that’s who I wanna see.

  18. Off topic: Jamari there is a video I saw on Twitter that was taking place at a church and they were “exorcising” a demon out of a man…why this man pants was unzipped and he was getting an erection during this event. I just didn’t know wtf was going on in that video…and the preacher was like Come out Satan…I mean…huh? It looked like it was an African church or something but it was weird….😲😵

  19. They all look like Sesame after the Street placeholders…Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, The Count, Bert, Ms. Piggy and Ernie. The 5th one is the most “female” looking, slightly lil Kim’ish.

    Honestly, that first one looks like Jigsaw from the Saw movies more than anything…

      1. And they look “PERFECT” bitch they loon like science experiments! Shit that I’ve seen in biology class dissecting fetal pigs and frogs just to study their insides!

  20. I know surgery is expensive so I am not going to address that. But there is no excuse for those wigs and weaves.
    I want to know if their customers were arrested.

        1. ^it amuses me how you were just going in on how disgusting i was on this alleged transphobia,
          but you have managed to disrespect me and my entire life.

          it looks like you showed you aren’t really about the “fight” after all.
          the real Brent showed up and showed me exactly who you are.
          i hope you have a good rest of your day brent.
          you seem to be having a tough morning so far.

    1. Y,

      You must be slipping because the article states, “detectives conducted an operation in which the six individuals were arrested.” You got to be sleepy, because of all people you usually catch things that others don’t.

      1. I was distracted by the pictures and didn’t read any of the text under the pictures.Lol😂

  21. You are wrong to go in on their looks, feminization surgeries aren’t cheap….

    Low key: a couple of them look like demons.

      1. You are truly about to find out how it feels to be ostracized. Every major LGBT blogger, writer and media personality is going to see TODAY just how incredibly insensitive, rude, prejudice and judgmental you are towards trans women. YOU THINK HOW THESE WOMEN LOOK IS FUNNY? Let’s see you laughing when the public figures you wish so badly to sit beside, are introduced to the real level of content you post on this “no fat. no fem. no trans” website.

        1. ^brent.

          im gonna say this with all love.
          you are extremely sensitive and you need to build a bridge and get over it.
          if it was a female or male,
          i would have still made a joke.
          it’s like,
          in your world,
          NO ONE can say anything about transgenders.
          even if they were standing over a dead body with a murder weapon,
          they need special love and attention.
          it doesn’t work like that.

          i don’t see you going hard over straight folks i may joke about.
          hell are you gonna send balleralert’s comments to these gay bloggers?
          or are you just ostracizing me because im not falling under your line?

          do as you must.
          i don’t particularly care.

      1. FUCK YOU FAGGOT TROLL! Now you see me bitch! Its war between me and you! Miserable ugly ass lab rat! Go fuck your heterosexual tranny chasing husband who is white! Racist bitch!

      1. Super ironic you say that “WE are not in a place to judge”

        When you’re the one that had that HUGE issue with interracial dating the other day and the choice on who other black guys want to date.

        YOU don’t get to throw stones when you live in a crystal kingdom.

        – WE are not soon forgetting-

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