NFL Baller Wolf, LeVeon Bell, Might Have Some Leakage?

i’m sitting on the train and i get a message yesterday.
anytime the foxhole sends me something,
i have a special ringtone for ya.
the message went

“I just saw leveon bell’s (alleged) sex tape on tumblr”

oh ok!
just what my evening needed.
a sexy nfl baller wolf getting in some guts.
leveon is so messy so this is right up his alley.
you know i perked up real quick!

so i’m expecting to see this leakage in the following email.

i’m still waiting for this leakage to hit my inbox.
please use common foxhole courtesy.
if you have:

your mama homemade cookie recipe

…and you want me to see,
please present it ASAP.
banishment papers will be drawn up for wasting my time.
anyone who has the leveon leakage for review,
please send me a copy.

they seem to be coming from this new baiter ( x stephalli9215 ).
i’m already low key impressed with the presentation.

lowkey: i ended up seeing…

…alleged leakage and his was ( x pretty damn wack ).
the pipe seemed yawnworthy.

i might have expected better tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “NFL Baller Wolf, LeVeon Bell, Might Have Some Leakage?”

  1. Lol at the tumblr post “This ain’t a becky so ya’ll can’t get mad” i can if it’s still whack and filmed through a potato 😂

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