leveon bell gets a different kind of leakage

nfl baller wolf for the ny jets,
leveon bell,
doesn’t play with these hoes.
he is a straight shooter in getting what he wants sexually.
that type of cockiness makes him sexy af to me:


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260 right? 👀

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x see it here

well leveon got some alleged leakage today from snapchat.
it was from ig she-jackal,
celina powell:

…who has a history of leaking those she fucks with.
this is what was sent to me via “gossip in the city“…

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NFL Baller Wolf, LeVeon Bell, Might Have Some Leakage?

i’m sitting on the train and i get a message yesterday.
anytime the foxhole sends me something,
i have a special ringtone for ya.
the message went

“I just saw leveon bell’s (alleged) sex tape on tumblr”

oh ok!
just what my evening needed.
a sexy nfl baller wolf getting in some guts.
leveon is so messy so this is right up his alley.
you know i perked up real quick!

so i’m expecting to see this leakage in the following email.

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Le’Veon Bell Been Fuckin’ A LOT Out Here

they should never have given ya’ll pineapple’s dicks.
so i’ve posted about baller wolf for the pittsburgh steelers,
le’veon bell,
a couple times in the past now.
he has the bawdy and the ( x bunz ).
well he is also packing super sperm too.
he got his:

side hoe

…pregnant at the same time.
the side hoe is an alleged cheerleader for the rams.
you know if that is true,
she is getting fired.
well according to a video posted on “black sports online”

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Top Shelf Wolf: LeVeon Bell

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 8.15.42 AMwell good morning 2 u…
my f-bi knows i love me some chocolate.
they also know i love it when it comes in “baller wolf godiva”.
when i got this treat in my box,
i had to make sure i made a post on him.
everyone meet leveon bell
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