Top Shelf Wolf: LeVeon Bell

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 8.15.42 AMwell good morning 2 u…
my f-bi knows i love me some chocolate.
they also know i love it when it comes in “baller wolf godiva”.
when i got this treat in my box,
i had to make sure i made a post on him.
everyone meet leveon bell

who seems to do “bed face” very well…
Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 8.17.45 AM22
birthplace: ohio
college: michigan state
position: running back
team: pittsburgh steelers
drafted: 2013


god he is so big and meaty
tumblr_m4scswNTlS1qal3lwo1_400does his drawz come in that contest too?
sorry i just wanted to know!
don’t look at me like that!

well after some heavy sniffin’ around,
it seems like leveon is a heavy mama’s wolf.
he is also in a heavy relationship with his dogs:

when it comes between a mama’s wolf and a dog lover,
you will definitely lose.
very interesting combo.
i’d still try to fit him in either tho…

lowkey: he looks so innocent.
i almost hate thinkin’ nasty about him…
i said almost.

pictures and video taken: instagram

6 thoughts on “Top Shelf Wolf: LeVeon Bell

  1. He’s definitely a cutie!! And he’s not that innocent! He and a teammate were pulled over along with a female and the found marijuana! He likes to get his “Marley” on!

  2. Jamari, you might “almost hate thinkin’ nasty about him” but I’m sure that he’s doing the nasty with someone or someones.

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