Don’t B Grabbin’ On Trey Songz So Hard!

tumblr_nbepqztqJF1qa7k60o4_r1_500tumblr_nbepqztqJF1qa7k60o1_500tumblr_nbepqztqJF1qa7k60o2_500you ever did/said something,
someone ended up goin off on you,
and you were left with the red face?

red face (v) = that look you give when yo ass gets embarrassed

terror mari does it on #lhhhollywood quiet often.
well trey songz had to give one of his “angels” the red face last night.
trey turned 30 and was having a party at a spot in va.
i guess an angel was grabbin too hard on his leg and well…

all the fucks trey had to give about the angel’s feelings:

^that much.
i bet she got her shit and bounced.
i don’t think ive ever seen trey go from 0 to 100 with a fan before.
well unless you count when he nearly lost it on 106 and park that 1 time.
they told him that one if his biggest fans,
which was a dude,
was gonna come out to see hello ( @6:00 ):

i still wish a dude would have came out.
no pun intended…

i’m sure that would have been very exciting!

lowkey: i’m sure there is more antics where that came from with this tour…
we ready for it.

video taken: balleralert

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Don’t B Grabbin’ On Trey Songz So Hard!”

  1. I think it was a male fan. He wouldn’t snap on a female like that. Nah. If it was a female fan, it wasn’t that deep for him to go off on her.

      1. Why would he snap one a female tho? You know he adores them man. Could that have been his temper that people say he has rearing its ugly head?

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