so the penguin violated me tonight

inconsiderate jackals really burn my biscuits.
did the parents teach them any manners?
so the penguin clearly lives in new yawk.
after his life of crime,
he is “one of us” now.
i’m sure.
so i’m standing on the train by the door,
minding my business,

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Don’t B Grabbin’ On Trey Songz So Hard!

tumblr_nbepqztqJF1qa7k60o4_r1_500tumblr_nbepqztqJF1qa7k60o1_500tumblr_nbepqztqJF1qa7k60o2_500you ever did/said something,
someone ended up goin off on you,
and you were left with the red face?

red face (v) = that look you give when yo ass gets embarrassed

terror mari does it on #lhhhollywood quiet often.
well trey songz had to give one of his “angels” the red face last night.
trey turned 30 and was having a party at a spot in va.
i guess an angel was grabbin too hard on his leg and well…
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Pre Baller Wolf, Kevin Ware, Talks About “BrokenLeg-Gate”


as you know kevin ware of the louisville cardinals had that massive injury.
his leg literally snapped in half.
i don’t even want to relive that moment again.
i had nightmares.
he has since been released and gave his first interview to espn.
this was really sad to watch…

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The Worst Injury You Will Ever See… Ever.

KEVIN-WARE200_1231pre baller wolf,
kevin ware,
of louisville’s leg…

this isn’t for the faint of heart.
i’m serious.
you’ve been warned.
you ready?
okay go…

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X Marks The F0x: Running Meat

See this is why I like men…

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