The Worst Injury You Will Ever See… Ever.

KEVIN-WARE200_1231pre baller wolf,
kevin ware,
of louisville’s leg…

this isn’t for the faint of heart.
i’m serious.
you’ve been warned.
you ready?
okay go…


that would have fucked me up if i saw that in person.
i’m fucked up now and i just saw a video.
lord i need to sit down.
wait, i am sitting.

okay i need a moment.

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Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “The Worst Injury You Will Ever See… Ever.”

  1. I was watchin the game as it happend. I mean they just kept showin it over and over. Well on the bright side at least his team won

  2. Damn! I watched the video 3 times….
    That looked like it hurt like a motha! I hope he’s doing well and wishing him a great recovery. His leg just went all over the place! 0_O
    I’m going watch the video again…poor thing…

    1. I do not want to say never, but he will not play within the next five years at least. Oh but he will be getting disability benefits for sure.

  3. Aww that poor baby, oh my god. I want to cry for him so bad. That shit just broke right in half. Poor baby. I hope he gets well soon.

    If I was there I would have passed all the way the fuck out. I can’t stand shit like that. Gives me the chills.

    LMAO…@the gif of Kim tho. That gets me every time.

      1. I have never seen that happen before to a player. Did he come down on it wrong or did he not have enough muscles in his legs? idk. The worst injury I ever seen was when that Bills player, Kevin Everett bent his spine out of wack. That was horrific to see.

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