i fell asleep relatively early last night.
around like 10-ish.
that is early for me since i board the sleep express at 1-2 am.
i just jumped up out of my sleep due to the nightmare i was having.
i’ve been having a lot of really vivid nightmare-ish dreams as of late.
this nightmare felt real tho…

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430 am with thoughts on my mind

i felt tired around 10 am and was mad hyped about it.
the melatonin i took helped as well.
i wanted to have a good night’s sleep where i actually slept through the night.
here i am,
on the foxhole,
because i woke up out of my sleep at 3 am….
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f0xmail: Where Can I Find This Doctor To Examine Me Like This Fine Wolf?



Hey Jamari! Love the site! The best ever!!.. Ive been reading since like 09 and every gay i come in contact with I let them know that this is the best site for us because wer can ask questions, get answers, get horny and bust a nut all in one place. Thanx for all the work you put in and dont ever think that it goes unnoticed because it doesnt and the foxhole sincerely loves you.  I was wondering if there was anyway you knew who was in this video or where i could find the remainder of it:

Its a male physical examination #11.

Thanks so much!!


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You Need To Be 18 and Up To Ride “The Honey Badger”

honeybadgerthe honey badger has already started acting up.
well, already since he has been drafted.
our favorite ratchet baller wolf,
tyrann mathieu,
wants to make sure his pussy is legal.
look at a conversation he had with a young groupie
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When Copy/Paste Nearly Goes Horribly Wrong

cutpastetastei have nearly been a victim due to copy/pasting.
sometimes i don’t pay attention due to a ton of convos.
one time i was about to send a group message that i wrote in one screen,
but copy/pasted the nasty response i was sending to a wolf.
a group!!!!!!
ive learned to carefully look at the name before i press send.
star fox also nearly made the same mistake yesterday…

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