When Copy/Paste Nearly Goes Horribly Wrong

cutpastetastei have nearly been a victim due to copy/pasting.
sometimes i don’t pay attention due to a ton of convos.
one time i was about to send a group message that i wrote in one screen,
but copy/pasted the nasty response i was sending to a wolf.
a group!!!!!!
ive learned to carefully look at the name before i press send.
star fox also nearly made the same mistake yesterday…

star fox left me a voice mail like some dramatic shit happened.
i was taking a quick time out from life,
listening to some music and reflecting,
but it seemed important so i called him back…


that’s how he answered the phone.
i had to turn down my songzbird playing in my background.
star fox proceeded to tell me that son of a bitch named “copy/paste” nearly had him out there.
it all started when he met some young wolf off jack’d.
they took the conversation off jack’d and went to texts.
during this text exchange,
the young wolf apparently has a massive problem that is his pipe.
star fox said it him:

“damn if you big now
i wanna see what you gonna be like at 30”

while he was texting the wolf,
he was also texting someone else in regard to business
as well as his brother.
he wanted to copy/paste the exchange he was having about business to show his brother.

“what do you mean bro?”

when he looked,
do you know he copy/pasted the “big” text to his brother!

35785252mxjsqx“if we connect on this deal,
you gonna be making serious moves at 30”

well played.
although he didn’t want his brother involved.
he had to do something.
imagine if he had said:

“damn if your dick is big now…
i wanna see what it gonna be like at 30″

i wonder how would he have played that off?

12 thoughts on “When Copy/Paste Nearly Goes Horribly Wrong

  1. Lmao, I learned the hard way by being messy talking about one of my friends to another mutual friend. I was so caught up in talking about this nigga that I sent the text to him. I was fucking terrified because I didnt have a leg to stand on, well good thing my homie is not too bright, he knew I was talking about him but he didnt get some of the things I was saying, he really didnt even trip, I told him that a messy queen was giving me some info on him and I was just playing along so that I could tell him about it. I really felt bad and to this day, I always double and sometime triple check who I send text messages to. I forwarded another friend some pics of some random boys and he was forwarding to another friend and accidentally sent them to his Aunt. He said she never mentioned it but he was so embarrassed. These damn smart phones are the devil, and the Iphone is the worse especially with group messages everyone sees your replies even random people who you have no idea who they are, it can get quiet messy when taking out of context.

  2. I always be cafeful if I copy and paste, I check the name before I hit sent. It’s not copy and past that troubles me. I just sent wrong messages to the wrong people every now and then lol.

    1. Same here. Especially when I’m sexting and texting a friend at the same time.

  3. Omg. I remember I accidentally forwarded a picture of a dude with a really fat ass to my dad. Most embarrassing moment in my life.

      1. I told him that one of my friends was using my phone
        But I don’t think he bought it x_x

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