You Need To Be 18 and Up To Ride “The Honey Badger”

honeybadgerthe honey badger has already started acting up.
well, already since he has been drafted.
our favorite ratchet baller wolf,
tyrann mathieu,
wants to make sure his pussy is legal.
look at a conversation he had with a young groupie

imjfqotumblr_mmvbg5pmSN1qep1veo1_500lol wow.
i feel sorry for his girlfriend.

no i don’t.
she claims he would never cheat on her.

x reason why groupies wants some honey

lowkey: he is so “high risk”.
i’m actually excited to see what he brings this season.
…oh, and his game too.
i hear they plan on drug testing him 10 times per month.

x read here

no matter how much they gon’ try,
can they keep a ratchet badger down?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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